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Sales Is All About This

We live in the most “connected” time in the history of humanity. Think about it. We have the ability – at any moment – to access the voices of hundreds of people around the world at a moment’s notice. We have a sphere of influence that extends farther than previous generations ever fathomed. You would …

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To Succeed In Sales, All You Need To Do Is This

Did you know that 20% of businesses don’t make it in their first year? Only 50% of businesses survive to see their fifth year of operations, and less than a third will make it for ten years or more! Not very inspiring, I know. But hang with me here. It seems prudent to examine what …

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How Gratitude Can Increase Your Sales

It’s November, which means Thanksgiving is upon us! More than the month of pilgrim costumes and pumpkin pies, it’s the month that we give special attention to the virtue of gratitude. For all the influence that gratitude can have in our lives, it’s rather a shame that we only choose to recognize it once a …

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What Will You Choose To Do?

We all admire people who have what we would call a “can do” attitude. In working with sales people for many years, this is a personality trait that I find to be refreshingly common. Though it may not be common within the general population, I find most salespeople to be the most optimistic and committed …

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Do You Charge Enough?

What is the value of your product or service? Now, notice I didn’t ask what you charge – I asked what the value is. Because you see, there is a huge distinction there. In many cases, what business owners and salespeople choose to charge may be in direct contrast to the actual value that it …

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Sales Skills Help In Every Industry – Even Yours

Many people think sales is for “a certain type of individual.” Only young, charismatic, risk-taking, entrepreneur types that like living on the edge are “cut out to be in sales.” In fact, you may have even chosen your career deliberately so that you’ll never need to be in sales. But you see, you’re selling all …

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Why Listening = More Sales

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone that would NOT stop talking? You spend the entire conversation trying to get a word in – and you find yourself ultimately trying to get away from them, right? You’re simply waiting for them to take a breath so you can blurt out an escape plan. …

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What To Never Say On A Voicemail

When you’re making phone calls and setting your sales appointments, there will be times that you’ll need to leave a message. Obviously, it’s preferable to do your best to actually talk with someone, but there are times that your only choice is to leave a voicemail. Often times, your voicemail makes first impression – and …

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3 Ways To Be Intentional In Sales

Nobody wants to work hard for nothing – especially anyone working in sales. And yet, the way that most sales techniques are rigidly structured, they can leave salespeople feeling like they are just spinning their wheels. They keep trying the same pre-packaged methods, again and again, having been told that these approaches will work if …

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What To Do When It’s Not Working

In either your professional life or your personal life, do you ever get the feeling that you are simply spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? You keep on doing and doing and doing, but never seem to be accomplishing anything? We recently shared a post about the Law of Reverse Effort and received so many positive emails. And then someone asked, …

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