What To Do When It’s Not Working

In either your professional life or your personal life, do you ever get the feeling that you are simply spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? You keep on doing and doing and doing, but never seem to be accomplishing anything? We recently shared a post about the Law of Reverse Effort and received so many positive emails. And then someone asked, “What do I do when it’s not working”?

So many people find themselves in that place today. The speed with which we live our modern lives leaves us forever busy, but never gaining any traction – never moving forward – and never finding any level of significant success. We work really hard – and yet we seem to have nothing to show for it.

So I ask you: is working HARD really the answer to finding success?

The key to doubling and tripling your sales lies not in a specific strategy, script, method, or harder work. In fact, it lies in working on the right things – and only the right things. The answer is, surprisingly, doing less.

I wrote recently about the Law of Reverse Effort which states that The harder that we work at something, the less effective we are. Alan Watts described it with a bit more of a spiritual analogy by saying that “Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.”

So many people these days resonate with this validating bit of truth as they are trying and trying to find out why their efforts seem to be getting them nowhere.

It’s counter to everything we are taught about work and success, and yet we see a lot of hard working people with nothing to show for it. So where is the disconnect? What are they missing? What may you be missing?

So many times we work so much that we cannot clearly see through the “muddy water” we are wading in. To get clarity on our situation, and to determine what the next step needs to be, we actually need to step away from what we are doing rather than press on in it.

So stop for a while. Consider the Law of Reverse Effort. Let the muddy waters clear a bit., and clarity will come. Focus on doing the things that will increase your income, and let the details work themselves out. The universe does a lot of the work for us when we release control of it.

You don’t need to work harder. When what you’re doing isn’t working, stop! You can actually work less, play more, and make more money – when your focus goes into the right things.

The question you need to answer is: What are the right things?

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