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6 Ways To Schedule Your Best Year NOW!

There’s a wise old saying that goes like this: If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time you’re late. If you’re late, you’re left. Now, for those who are perpetual procrastinators, this might feel a bit uncomfortable! But the reality is that successful people all have a number of similar habits that contribute […]

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5 Ways To Know It’s a “Heck NO!”

In business and sales, there is ALWAYS something to do. There are decisions to be made, people to meet with, appointments to set, and changes to make. Business is not stagnant. Its fluid – it’s constantly changing. Which means that decisions are always being made about what needs to be happening. The tough question is:

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Someone Needs To Hear From You

What I am selling is too common! Nobody will buy from me because they can already get what I have anywhere else! Have you ever found yourself thinking this in your sales? This limiting belief is the idea that your market is saturated – so why bother? I want to challenge this limiting belief! Because

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Schedule Your Year NOW

How do you schedule your life? Do you plan a week ahead? A month? Per sales quarter? Do you plan your life around work, or your work around your life? Have you ever planned your ENTIRE year in advance? Few people schedule their lives further than a couple of weeks in advance. But if you’re going to be intentional about the way you

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What To Never Say On A Voicemail

When you’re making phone calls and setting your sales appointments, there will be times that you’ll need to leave a message. Obviously, it’s preferable to do your best to actually talk with someone, but there are times that your only choice is to leave a voicemail. Often times, your voicemail makes first impression – and

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What To Do When It’s Not Working

In either your professional life or your personal life, do you ever get the feeling that you are simply spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? You keep on doing and doing and doing, but never seem to be accomplishing anything? We recently shared a post about the Law of Reverse Effort and received so many positive emails. And then someone asked,

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The Proof Is In The Success

I talk a lot about helping people double and triple their sales. Anyone truly can do it, and it’s not difficult. I am aware that skeptics abound, yet when they stick around long enough, they inevitably see enough success to realize that it’s true. You actually can double and triple your sales. Anyone can! At

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5 Ways To Intentionally Schedule Your Best Life

Do you ever feel like “time is just getting away from you?” It’s pretty common rhetoric in our fast paced world today. It seems that there are always people, situations, and other unplanned events that incessantly demand our attention, so it’s easy to justify losing time. Yet at the same time, how many people reflect

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