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Trudging through life is not necessary and not what your soul wants for you! What’s different about living your soul path from joy, and what’s necessary to get there is being tapped into the Higher-self truth, and being willing to stand out and to follow the uncharted path. Meet Denise Ricard.

One of Denise’s superpowers is to know and go – and she forges her own path. She operates beyond the confines of mainstream consciousness, and possesses the extraordinary ability to discern and take action, confidently charting her own course regardless of others’ opinions or societal pressures.

She explains how this came about in her life:

“I experienced consistent lower-emotional states in my unbalanced and difficult former marriage that I spent years trying to make work. It affected me emotionally with sadness, regret and despair, and physically with muscle pain, digestive and sleep issues.

My Inner Presence and Divine Guides kept showing me the way through all of the difficulty, and there were choices to make – often met with resistance or fear from loved ones who only “wanted the best” for me. Oftentimes, stepping out into what we truly know as our own unique path may look scary and evoke personal fears in friends and loved ones (because they may see themselves in these situations and project their own fears of not being ready to step out of the old and into the new). That takes courage and strength – and going against the grain! And it’s about living in your truth.

This led to unwavering dedication to my path, and to digging deeply into my soul’s purpose and truth for this lifetime. I read books, took courses and set my attention upon consciously living my life. This connected me more and more to my inner Light and guidance and has led me to where I’m at now!

And, now I can see the TRUTH of all that has happened in my life and the higher purpose for all of it – which leads to forgiveness and peace and harmony – for me and for my relationships. The pieces of my life puzzle (journey) were crystal clear as to why they occurred and what soul growth came from that. Much of what I brought into this lifetime from past/synchronistic lifetimes are now healed and WHOLE! I’m living in these higher feelings and states of consciousness and it’s a game changer! Now, I live in my own personal freedom, happiness, fulfillment and sovereignty. I’m living my life in the highest states of consciousness – even as duality is still happening in the outside world – and I’m at peace!”

Denise, as Intuitive Soul Path Coach and Divine Channel, dedicates her life to helping others.  She states: “The way to create a better world begins with each of us, and living from the truth of our Being – that way we can contribute in the most unique and genuine way, and from the highest states of Love, joy, harmony and peace. Divine Cosmic Alchemy is my expression of JOY and Divine Magic, aimed at helping others remember their true essence as the Divine, transcending human limitations to reclaim their true freedom.”


  • Intuitive Soul Path and Life Direction Coach
  • She is the Galactic Numerologist, and steward, activator and transmitter of Sacred Number Energies
  • She is a channel, transmitter and emanator of Source Light Codes via Light Language

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Do you know what an impact these higher states of consciousness can have on your life – living from the truth of your unique Divine design? And how that contributes to you Being what you’re here to BE – the destiny and path that your own Higher-self wants for you in this lifetime? – So that you live beyond the illusions of the outer world and instead are living from your own Divine guidance and truth.  If you’re truly dedicated to your soul path, let’s meet in a complimentary 30-minute exploration session on zoom to tap into what your Higher-self wants to bring forth as next steps on your path.  Bring a particular intention or situation that you’d like to explore, and you’ll get some key starting points and clarity.

Click Here to schedule your exploration session with Denise on zoom.

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