Before the 2X Intensive, I struggled with a small mindset regarding the amount of money I can generate (because I was so stuck in the HOW).

Since taking the 2X Intensive, I have absolute clarity about how to hit my 2X mark and well beyond!

I was able to clearly see the limiting beliefs that were 100% holding me back. I'm a mindset coach for a living and STILL didn't see some things that were blocking me until I went through the 2X intensive with Ursula and Rebekah. I would say I Quantum Leapt and my "state of being" is much more abundant. Now my mindset about what’s possible for me as the CEO of my business will never be the same!

Jack Walker
Empath School

"I never believed that hiring an assistant or team would help me grow my business.

During the 2X Intensive I learned that hiring team members is the key to growing my business.

The way I was doing everythin in my business never be the same, as now I'll have the assistqance required to get to my desired goals and beyond."

Denise Richard
Divine Cosmic Alchamey

Ursula is such a gift and a blessing in my life and businesses! In the first 11 minutes of our 2X private coaching call, I had a breakthrough that already more than paid for this program! I am in awe of how much insight I get every single time I step into her programs. I cannot wait to see what the next steps hold! If you haven't said yes yet to the 2X Intensive, DO IT. Your future self will thank you.

Sarah Stokes

The depth at which the CEO Roundtable reaches into all aspects of an entrepreneur's life is a testament to the body-mind-soul connection that Ursula and Rebekah themselves recognize. The skill they bring to not only shifting and changing methods, measurements, and mindsets, but also emotions, thinking, and energy is a game changer in the business coaching realm. Sometimes a CEO is stuck not because of a method or practice, but because of an energy block that has been there for so long it is invisible to the person carrying it. Deploying energy tools to shift that block is not something the traditional coach can do with the skill and expertise that Ursula and Rebekah bring to the table. Their own commitment to learning and growing so that they may serve their clients at an even deeper level is present throughout ever session, every discussion, every CEO Lab, and every personal appointment. I highly recommend this powerhouse team!

Amy Theisen
CEO Infinity Life Design, Metaphysics Master

"I have read hundreds of books like this over the decades, and this is honestly THE BEST ONE EVER, it's my new 'Bible'! -- I have worked with Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay as staff for their workshops, interacted one on one with Wayne Dyer, took Anthony Robbin's walk on hot coals workshop, and Ursula Mentjes new best seller, "Uplevel Now", has accumulated wisdom from them, wisdom from Lifespring, and Ursula's own accumulated wisdom from years of experience doing trainings and from her podcast interview experts and contacts ALL WRAPPED UP IN ONE BOOK WITH TONS OF INSPIRATION AND TRIGGERS TO ACTIVATE ALL THAT, AND LIVE OUR BEST LIFE HIGHEST POTENTIAL!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU URSULA!!"

Lynn Peterson
Lake Forest CA

"I’ve always enjoyed listening to Ursula’s podcast and I was even more delighted to take her 2x intensive. I was skeptical of the promise of doubling my income and the program over delivered in a most magical way.

Instead of doubling my income, I tripled it in less than 24 hours.

Call it Serendipity or call it fate, I simply say that the program worked; it opened my mind and filled my wallet.

Six months later, I’m still working to improve and grow my revenue."


"Ursula was a compelling presenter that provoked deeper thinking and practical ways to apply ideas she shared. Her delivery and keen ability to connect with our audience made it feel personal and provided a meaningful impact. She inspired broader thinking and gave tangible ways for our group to work together to advance our goals."

Karen Abrahamson

We hired Ursula to do both the keynote and two breakout sessions at our most recent Digital and Social Media Conference. Her keynote was incredibly inspiring and engaging and the participants went into the day on a great note. The breakouts were also fantastic, focusing a ton on mindset and the limits we put on ourselves. If you have the chance to either see her or hire her, I would highly recommend her keynote of One Great Goal and the breakouts of 7 Sales Blocks and How to Shift Them and 5 Steps to a Quantum Leap in Your Business this Year!

Melissa Meschke
Director and Consultant

Sales Expert Ursula Mentjes is one of the best speakers we have had at Professional Sales Association. Her message is timely, tactical and motivational. Ursula's message does not come from some weak text book theory, it comes from her success as a top sales person. I would highly recommend Ursula to anyone!

Steve Kloyda
President, Professional Sales Association

I thought the Extreme Networking was a great idea! It made it easy to approach someone you didn’t know before and chat for a few minutes. The best part was asking one another how you could help each other. Fantastic!

Heather Rachel

Ursula had been recommended to us for her motivational and informational sales presentations. She did not disappoint. We invited her to speak for our annual conference and have already heard from several attendees that her presentation was of great value and was one of their favorites, as they learned so much they can apply to growing sales.

Teresa Thomas
Director, MN Women In Networking (WIN-MN)

Ursula Mentjes has a fun, engaging style that really resonated with our sales team. She breaks down goals into simple steps, keeping a positive, can-do attitude at the forefront of the process. She illustrates the importance of persistence - for example, most sales happen during the fifth phone call to prospects. In our business, like in most, those that follow-up and build relationships are the ones who see results and happy new residents. Ursula echoed many of the messages our salespeople hear as part of our sales training, proving that systems make it happen.

Sue Ferguson
Fairview Health Services

Ursula Mentjes is a change maker, empowering audiences to make their world what it could be. People today live in a boatload of stress and anxiety with a thimble-full of time for juggling careers, spouses, children, social media, bosses or employees, pets and finances. Ursula empowers all who are fortunate enough to cross her path with tools to make it different, ways to do it better and thrive, moving life into its full potential with a minimum of stress and anxiety. She doesn't just affect change in the office. Ursula is the master of thought-provoking questions and immediate business and life revolutioninzing tools She is well known for empowering people to double and triple their sales in 60 days or less. She inspires greatness in everyone around her at all times.

Lynn Peterson Jungblut
Santa Ana, CA

Ursula spoke to my Women’s Networking Group, Polka Dot Powerhouse. She is so passionate about helping others become successful. It comes across in her speaking and her presence while engaging with others. Ursula knows her stuff and is willing to share her experiences. Many of the women in attendance signed up for Ursula’s Sales Camp without hesitation. I think that speaks volumes! I am hoping to have Ursula back to speak with our group again in the future.

Heather Nardi

Ursula has been a “God send” in these critical early days of forming my business. Her approachable nature and deep concern for my success makes her stand out in a crowd. She’s truly amazing at how she helps her clients grow their business and see results fast! I would recommend her services to any business owner as she will truly help you get to where you need to go. She’s the real deal!”

Sabrina Landa MBA
Small Business Consultant/Service Provider

Before working with Ursula, I was struggling with making enough sales to meet my monthly obligations. After working with Ursula just 30 minutes, she helped shift my mindset from one of surviving to one of thriving, and provided me with sales strategies that catapulted me forward! The result? I made a single $4,600 sale the very next day with great ease, and secured a second 5-figure commitment from another client. Ursula’s strategies work! Get yourself to her next Sales Camp and thrive!

Patti Cotton
MA, MAOD, PCC, executive coach and consultant

Thank you, Ursula, for an energetic and productive “Marketing + Selling with Intention seminar last Friday!! The ideas discussed were right on target for developing an effective marketing plan. Because you attract achievers who are ready to move forward, the connections made during Extreme Networking were also powerful! Thanks again!

Nancy Clairmont Carr

Ursula Mentjes spoke for our New York Life Sales Meeting.. It was the only time ever at a meeting when a speaker said “My time is up, do you want me to keep going?” and the whole Sales Force said “Yes!” in unison. Her Information Is Invaluable.

Bill Chase, Director of Development
New York Life Greater Los Angeles Area

The first time I heard Ursula Mentjes speak in Orange County I knew I had to talk to my Managing Partner about having her in to talk to our Sales Force. She did not disappoint, they were so please they invited her!

Amy Regenstrief
Agent and Administrative Assistant to Manager New York Life

Ursula Mentjes is one of the best speakers in all my years at New York Life

Tom Kolywein
New York Life Managing Partner, Woodland Hills

Testimonial for The 2X Intensive:

"Before The 2X Intensive, I was stuck in a mindset that limited my revenue growth. I believed that increasing my income would inevitably require more working hours. However, this program completely transformed my perspective.

The number one reason I wholeheartedly recommend The 2X Intensive is that it opens your eyes to a future where you can earn more money while working fewer hours. It allows you to prioritize the things you love, creating a healthier work-life balance.

My limited-growth mindset has been permanently shattered. Thanks to The 2X Intensive, I now approach my business and life with newfound confidence. It's a game-changer, and I'm excited for the future."

Peter Pettis
California Neurofeedback

"Before participating in the 2X Intensive, I found myself struggling to attain clarity on how to turn my business goals into a tangible reality.

During the 2X Intensive, I received invaluable guidance that illuminated the path forward.

I've now gained a clear roadmap for implementing the necessary systems into my business, paving the way for me to achieve my goals and aspirations.

I wholeheartedly recommend this training to anyone in need of clarity and a strategic approach to achieving their business goals. It's a powerful tool for setting up the next steps towards success.

This experience has transformed me, and I am now fully prepared to check off all my goals. I'm excited to elevate my business over the next 12 months and consistently surpass my business objectives."

Elizabeth Meigs
Elizabeth Inspires/Hope 4 Natural Health

"Before I attended the 2X Intensive I really struggled with how to reach the next level for our business.

After the 2X Intensive I walked away knowing that I have the ability to create the map to hit the goals we set.

The 2X Intensive was excellent in helping me think outside the box and hit those goals for myself and my business, both in my time and finance.

My thoughts about attaining my goals that I thought would never be attained have been changed forever."

Tisha Bergerson
HVAC and Fireplace

"Before I attended the 2X Intensive, I was stuck with limited beliefs.

After I attend the 2X Intensive, I realized it was my time to Quantum Leap. I learned to chase after prosperity and run not from poverty!"

Mariatu Browne
Tu Organic LLC

"When we decided it was time to grow significantly, we did the planning and process development needed, but I knew I needed more. I needed sales training, coaching, and inspiration, so I reached out to Ursula and through her programs I got all three. I had already been doing sales as part of my job for decades, but her two-day Sales Camp provided me with some breakthrough insights that propelled me to new heights. The pivotal moment was when I attended her 2X Intensive. that is when we started our growth. Nine months after that, our sales had already doubled. One of the themes of the 2X Intensive is annual revenue becoming monthly revenue; a 12x increase. We haven’t achieved that yet, but just four quarters after the 2x Intensive, we hit quarterly revenue equal to our annual revenue, and we are well on our way to achieving that 12x she helped me believe in. We owe a lot of our success to Ursula."

Steve Vetter
Computer Solutions

"The combination of Ursula's personal storytelling approach and the practical lessons in being intentional laid a solid foundation to get us thinking differently, developing goals in real-time and finishing with a tangible action plan."


I believe Ursula is one of the best Sales Team Trainers and Business Coaches. Ursula has excellent insight regarding business management in general and real estate in particular. She is able to eloquently articulate business situations. In addition to being a future thinking and visionary, she is able to help her clients aim high. Anyone training coaching with her should be able to guarantee succeeding at a high level.

Miguel Velazco

I love Ursula Mentjes, you cannot leave one of her presentations without being excited to get back to the office and implement one or more items you just learned! Ursula recently came out to California and spoke at the AMA-IE American Marketing Association Inland Empire’s function. As a marketing manager for RPB CPAs, I had heard Ursula speak about sales at an event I organized for business professionals. Ursula inspired me and that was about sales. When she presented on 8 Easy, Low-Cost Ways to Market (With Intention) I took everything she said and instead of applying (in my head) her ideas to our accountants I thought about me as the marketer! I was pumped up and motivated to find, call and meet with a strategic partner for me. Within two weeks I had a meeting with a marketing director of a large regional law firm. Again, I love Ursula and highly recommend both her sales and her marketing presentations.

Karen Rashid
Programs Chair of the American Marketing Association, Inland Empire

I've not only heard Ursula present to three different networking groups I am a member of, I've specifically recruited her to be the speaker to two of the three. The responses to Ursula's message each time is phenomenal, inspiring, and resonates with each of us who are passionate about succeeding as business owners. I also participated in her 2 day Sales Camp program which was practical, interactive, and produced real results during the "camp". I can only say positive things about Ursula and encourage you to attend at least one of her presentations as well as sales camp. Hate sales? Ursula's strategies will shift that mindset. She is the most authentic sales coach I've had the privilege of working with and I am sure that you will agree.

Denise Levine
Vice-President, North County Women in Networking

I am a DOT and I have been hearing about the buzz of Ursula for some time. I have a few referral partner/clients that have had remarkable experiences with her, so when I was invited to this FREE event I thought I will cancel all my clients to be there-AND I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!! Ursula is so real, raw and insightful. Four hours felt like 10 minutes, but I walked away with valuable nuggets and I can't wait for Sales Camp. If I could get so much out of a free event, I can not even begin to imagine how much I can learn at a paid event. She is such a beautiful soul inside and out!

Amanda Riley
Blissful Balance and Baby Body Balance, www.facebook.com/babybodybalance

With all due respect to the top Sales Gurus past, Ursula Mentjes is the #1 go-to expert for today, getting results for clients because she is so well aware of the current economic climate and what it takes to get results. I have referred many people to her with spectacular results. The comments I hear most about Ursula are “I have been going to Sales Seminars and Workshops for years, and Ursula’s is the first one with tools I can implement immediately giving results that last!" and “My business has grown by leaps and bounds!”. I think this speaks volumes. I will be forever grateful to Ursula Mentjes.

Leo Youngblood
Retired Dr. With Home Business

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop presented by Speaker Ursula Mentjes at our WinDS Annual National Conference. We were so impressed with her presentation we invited her to speak again at the Women in Diversified Services National Conference March, 2012 and March 2013, and I requested she be a guest on our upcoming radio show and speak for the NAREB Regional Meeting. Ursula Mentjes kept the audience riveted with her relatable presentation, and our attendees received so much fabulous information that they were buzzing throughout the conference and long after about how valuable her information was, and how it helped advance their businesses. I highly recommend Ursula Mentjes if you need a phenomenal speaker. Her topics are timely and important to keep and grow your business contacts. She engages the audience with practical brilliance, wit and heart, and has them wanting to come back for more information.

Lilly Rodriguez
Event Planner

We loved Ursula at eWomenNetwork! She's a fabulous speaker and truly engaged with the audience. Her sincere desire to help each person shows when she speaks. Ursula breaks down the steps one needs to take to increase sales and grow! We'd highly recommend Ursula as a speaker for your business events.

Lisa Goodwin Bollow
eWomenNetwork Executive Managing Director Orange County & San Diego Chapters

Ursula Mentjes is an extraordinary author, coach and leader. She has shifted so many of my old beliefs, helped me break through the fear, and soar ahead in my business and life with positive power. Her wisdom and teachings are priceless and stand out among others as deep, intuitive and very helpful. Ursula is the key person to go to for fantastic success in your business and life.

Kim Somers Egelsee
#1 best selling author of Getting Your Life to a Ten +

We had the pleasure of having Ursula Mentjes speak at our local Chapter. It was well attended and received. Our members walked away with value. She walked us through how to expand our vision and realize those goals. I would highly recommend to any Local or State NAIFA Chapter. I could even see her speaking from the main stage at a National Conference.

Sarah Hinds
NAIFA Central Coast, CA

We had the pleasure of having Ursula Mentjes speak at our Chapter. It was well attended and received. Our members walked away with value. Ursula walked us through how to expand our vision and realize those goals. I would highly recommend Ursula to any Local or State Chapter. I could see her speaking on the main stage at the National Conference. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss this.

S. Hinds
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

I highly recommend anything Ursula Mentjes offers. The first sales training I took from Ursula doubled my income in three days. The opportunities keep pouring in!

R Stephenson, M.Ed

Are you prepared to welcome a speaker who can revolutionize your sales?

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