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We live in the most “connected” time in the history of humanity.

Think about it.

We have the ability – at any moment – to access the voices of hundreds of people around the world at a moment’s notice. We have a sphere of influence that extends farther than previous generations ever fathomed.

You would think that, with the invention of technology, email, social media, and the ability to reach nearly anyone, anytime, with just the click of a button, that we would feel more connected as a society than ever. That, when we need someone, we can satisfy that need for connection instantly, leaving no room for emptiness.

But that’s not the reality.

Now, truthfully, most of us enjoy social media and technology for varying individual reasons, and that’s okay!

But we all know that technology has had rather the opposite effect on us as individuals. It has not delivered on its promise to connect us with people.

In spite of our “connections” with hundreds – even thousands – of people via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and all the other social media platforms, people are feeling more isolated than ever.

I’ve heard it said that our relationships are a mile wide but only an inch deep.

We still long for connection. And if you’re in sales, that’s good news!

Because you see, sales is service. It’s about meeting the needs of those around you.

Sales is about connection!

Which means that an unbelievably easy way to increase your sales is to connect – really connect – in simple ways – with your prospects and clients.

Jamie Shibley, my guest from the last podcast I recorded, is passionate about the art of the handwritten note. So much so, in fact, that she made a business out of it – and her business is exploding!

Do you want to double and triple your sales?

Do what nobody else is doing: connect with your clients. Start with a handwritten note of appreciation and see how far it takes you!

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