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UpLevel Now with Ursula Mentjes
Tena Talks - Listen Here

We get to hear from Ursula Mentjes again on the podcast! This time we are unpacking her latest book - UpLevel Now. I read this one in a couple of days and highlighted it like crazy! There are so many fantastic topics in this episode, it may be one of my very favorites!

Uplevel Your Life Now with Ursula Mentjes
High Vibin' It - Listen Here

Ursula Mentjes, business coach and best-selling author, joins us to talk about uplevling your life and business with powerful, belief-upgrading and goal-setting processes! In this episode, you'll learn...all about quantum revenue-building how to shift the "not ready" mindsetthe power of intentionhow to make your annual income into your monthly income and so much more!

What Do You Believe About Money?
Tena Talks - Listen Here

Ready for a big topic today? I actually should say 'topics'! Ursula will always hold a super special place in my heart and life. She coached me thru some big growth times in my business and stretched me as a business owner. The first time I worked with her, I tripled my gross income in 90 days. *visualize mind-blown emoji here* On today's podcast, we talk limiting beliefs, money blocks, setting intentions, divine downloads, and actually so much more.

The Story of a Persistent Problem-Solver | Ursula Mentjes and Aaron Johnson
Bridging The Potential Podcast - Listen Here

How do we access divine guidance for designing a successful life? Sales Expert and Coach, Motivational Speaker, and 5-Time Bestselling Author, Ursula Mentjes, sat down with our founding Youth Advisory Council Member and new entrepreneur, Aaron Johnson, to talk about potential and what it takes to design a successful life. In their conversation, they covered a lot of ground and you’ll love every bit of it as they talk about how: to discover our life purpose activating the power of intention opens up synchronicities we can clear to trust ourselves on our learning journey to succeed as a budding entrepreneur of any age It’s time to begin designing our life journey from the inside-out with even more intention!

How to Turn Your Annual Income into Your Monthly Income - With Ursula Mentjes
Succeed Through Speaking - Listen Here

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Ursula Mentjes. Ursula Mentjes is an award-winning entrepreneur, sales expert and inspirational speaker. She was promoted from account executive to president of an international technical training company in just five years at the age of 27 when the revenue was in the tens of millions.

Get rid of limiting beliefs with special guest Ursula Mentjes
Soul Fighter presents "Live Your Best Life" - Listen Here

Join Christina and special guest Ursula Mentjes for a power session and 3 tips to fast forward you into achieving your goals. In life, relationship or business you can use these tips and be inspired by their passion for helping others manifest there desires. You can also hang out with Urusula on social media channels and find her at www.ursulainc.co and continue to grow on your life journey

Sales Coach Now Ursula Mentjes and House Hacking Jimmy Murray
School for Startups Radio - Listen Here

January 25, 2021 Sales Coach Now Ursula Mentjes and House Hacking Jimmy Murray

Changing Your Sales Belief System for Success - Ursula Mentjes
The AlignWomen Podcast - Listen Here

Ursula is the CEO and owner of Sales Coach Now. She’s a Certified Sales Coach and an award-winning sales expert, speaker, author and entrepreneur. What you will learn from this episode: Why Ursula created Sales Camp and what she learned since shifting to a virtual environment. The Number One limiting belief she runs into when coaching people in sales The reason entrepreneurs need to have a process in addition to having passion for what they do.The lessons she has learned in her entrepreneurial journey.

Ursula Mentjes, Intuitive Sales Coach, on Little Whispers, License Plates and Creating the Life You Want
Undercover Woo with Abby Lou Walker - Listen Here

Are you listening to those little whispers? You know, that ping you get while in the shower to write a book or the burning desire you feel in your stomach to do something else with your life. You can create whatever you desire no matter what’s going on around you. You can. And I’m so excited for you to listen in on this conversation. Ursula Mentjes, Founder of Sales Coach Now, and I talk how to tune into those little whispers, pay attention to messages on license plates and create the life you want.

In the Nitty Gritty with Wife, Mom, Mentor and Business Woman, Ursula Mentjes
Brick and Mortar Visibility - Be the Only Option in Town - Listen Here

Speaker, Educator, Writer and Mama - Melissa Rose is known for her resilience and no nonsense approach to life, business and relationships. From farm girl to six-figure plus entrepreneur, this single mama of five kiddos has a few lessons she’s learned along her crazy journey. So hoosh up your leggin’s ladies, grab your coffee and let’s get real!

Sales During Uncertain Times: Learn How You Can Reach the 7-Figure Mark From Ursula Mentjes
The 7-Figure Club - Listen Here

How to sell during these times -- uncertain times and challenging times. Pivoting to respond to the current demand of the market. Big question: Is it okay to keep selling during times like this? Ask yourself: “How could I serve right now?” What type of businesses are essential right now? Why we should focus on service.

Invest In Your Growth with Ursula Mentjes
Connect Share Prosper Hosted by Chas Wilson - Listen Here

A discussion on the importance of investing in your growth, and how attending events like CONNECT can provide you with countless opportunities to grow your business!

MMM 016: Mindsets Related to Sales with Ursula Mentjes
Mindset Meets Mastery - Listen Here

SALE is a four-letter word that spells another four-letter word in the business world- fear. Whether you are the seller or the one being sold to, being at the opposite end is as equally distressing. Unfortunately, sales is an indispensable component of business development. The good news is there’s a way to ‘befriend’ sales. It starts by shifting your mindset from the concept of selling to the idea of serving.

Ursula Mentjes Discusses How To Double Your Sales in 90 Days
Success Profiles Radio - Listen Here

Reasons why people struggle with sales, making authentic connections, why people don't ask for the sale, making an irresistible offer, and shifting our money mindset. In addition, we discussed the importance of following up with someone who hasn't called us or messaged us back, and strategies for attracting our best clients.

Selling With Intention with Ursula Mentjes
ConnectShareProsper Hosted by Chas Wilson - Listen Here

Does selling scare you? After watching this episode, your fear should be put to rest! A powerful conversation about the importance of selling with intention. A discussion on why all sales professionals should have a sales process, the fear of coming across "pushy" during sales calls, and more.

The Belief Zone with Ursula Mentjes
REV with Rachel - Listen Here

Transform the way you think about selling so you can reach your goals with less anxiety and less effort!

Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs with Ursula Mentjes
"Living Fearlessly" with Lisa McDonald - Listen Here

Two-time Bestselling Author, Award winning Entrepreneur and Sales Expert-- Ursula Mentjes (menches—rhymes with benches)--will transform the way you think about selling so you can reach your goals with less anxiety and less effort!

#220 M.T.B Radio "Sales" Ursula Mentjes
Mind the Business Podcast - Listen Here

If low sales are keeping your business from being profitable, then listen to Mind the Business. Our guest Ursula Mentjes, Author and Founder/CEO of Sales Coach Now, explains "The Sales Blocks That Keep You Stuck in Scarcity."

#17 - Uplevel Now - Interview with Ursula Mentjes
The Infinite Prosperity Podcast - Listen Here

In this episode, Ursula shares how to immediately transform a limiting belief so that you can uplevel now, her secrets around goal setting that help her clients 2x and 10x their revenue, and so much more! There is so much gold in this conversation, I urge all entrepreneurs to listen in with a notepad to hand!

Jesus and Business
Exalted Health Podcast - Listen Here

In this episode, Ursula talks about the massive shifts that she had to make during the pandemic and how much it took to step out in faith away from everything that she knew.

The Entrepreneur's Ecosystem
Chantizak.com - Listen Here

In this episode, Ursula talks about How to Embody CEO Energy + Channel Your First (Or Second or Third) Book.

From Fear to Fire
HeatherHansonOneill.com - Listen Here

In this episode, Ursula shares her knowledge on how businesses may quickly enhance their revenue.

CEO Blog Nation
Rescue.CEOBlogNation.com - Listen Here

In this episode, Ursula shares how she uses her podcast for her business.

StaceyChillemi.com - Listen Here

In this episode, Ursula shares how to make seven figures and work less. You can also Listen Here

asbni.com - Listen Here

In this episode, Ursula shares her journey through the creation of her book UpLevel Now: Make the Domino Effect Work for You and Create More Peace, Freedom and Joy in Your Personal and Professional Life and how you too can make the Domino Effect work for you. You can also Listen Here

Brilliant Marketing With Mary Show
Mary Barnett - Listen Here

In this episode, Ursula shares her advice on "How to Grow a Multi 6 or 7 Figure Business With A Very Small Team!" Listen Here

The Profitable Photographer with Luci Dumas
lucidumascoaching.com - Listen Here

In this episode, Ursula shares her tips on how to change your limiting beliefs Listen Here

The Infinite Prosperity Podcast
louisahavers.com - Listen Here

In this episode, Ursula shares her tips on Quantum Revenue Growth Listen Here

asbn.com - Listen Here

In this episode, Ursula shares how business owners can double sales while working less Listen Here

asbn.com - Listen Here

In this episode, Ursula shares steps to success for first-time entrepreneurs Listen Here

Who Ya Know Show!
Who Ya Know Show! - Listen Here

In this episode, Ursula provides actionable insights on overcoming sales obstacles, shifting limiting beliefs, and the nuances of effective follow-ups. Listen Here

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