How Gratitude Can Increase Your Sales

It’s November, which means Thanksgiving is upon us! More than the month of pilgrim costumes and pumpkin pies, it’s the month that we give special attention to the virtue of gratitude.

For all the influence that gratitude can have in our lives, it’s rather a shame that we only choose to recognize it once a year.

Because you see, choosing gratitude can change every aspect of your life. It can even affect your sales in ways you may never have thought of.

Have you ever met someone who had reached any level of success that was not genuinely grateful to be where they were, or who was not grateful for all the people that helped them get there?

I’m sure there are a few curmudgeons out there, but I have found successful people to be some of the most grateful people in the world. It seems that the more success someone has, the more grateful they become – because they know and recognize all the people that have helped them get there!

Have you ever worked with someone who expressed genuine gratitude for you – no strings attached? It almost seems silly to ask, but did you want to go back and work with them? Of course you did! You probably wanted to befriend them!

For all the influence it can have on our lives and the lives of those around us, most people do not show as much gratitude as they know they should. Gratitude rarely comes naturally for most people.

It’s something that we need to CHOOSE to do.

It MUST be intentional.

And it’s worth it.

Fortunately, just like any other habit, it can be learned and practiced until it becomes automatic.

And… it will greatly affect your sales! You’ll see them begin to grow simply through choosing gratitude.

When you choose to be intentionally grateful:

1. You will appreciate the clients you DO have even more.
Make a list of your top ten clients and why you love working with them. Think about each one individually for a moment and consider what makes your relationship work – what do you like about doing business with them? Why do you appreciate them? You’ll find that you begin to notice things about your clients that you may not have paid any attention to before, thereby increasing your gratitude for the role they play in your life!

2. You will remember why you love what you do.

In turn, this gives you the confidence to reach out to new clients.

We’ve all been there as salespeople: we feel the weight of our work, and we begin to undervalue it ourselves.This can lead to a slippery slope of thinking, where we begin to lose motivation.

And yet, a little gratitude for the people you serve, for the sales that you have already closed, and for the business that you’ve already created can be all it takes to help you pick your foot up and take the next step. To make the next call. Or to set the next appointment.

Gratitude can be the simplest cure for a lack of motivation.

3. You will have greater appreciation for EVERYTHING in your life when you write down what you have to be grateful for.

Actually, write it down with a piece of paper and a pen. The act of writing something down activates a different part of the brain than simply inputting information into an app or a screen on a computer. It makes it personal – and your gratitude is personal.

Usually, when you really look at everything you have to be grateful for, it ends up being MUCH more than you thought. This helps to shift your perspective.

4. The Law Of Attraction: Like attracts like.

In a very real way, you will end up simply attracting more sales. Your “frequency” begins to shift when you are grateful. Simply because you changed, you will get more of what you become – because “like attracts like.”

This is a concept that not everybody fully understands because it’s not often discussed. And when it is, too often people will pass it off as being strange or “too spiritual” for them.

But in reality, it’s just science. It’s simply frequency in quantum physics. Think about it. The top 5 people with whom you spend your time are probably very much like you. The key is to become who you want to be – and wait for others to show up in your life who are like that.

Like attracts like – so be intentional about what you want to become. You’ll start to find more like you – and your sales will increase.

Are you naturally grateful? Or do you need to be more intentional about it? Either way, you’ll find gratitude pays off – in more ways than you may have thought.

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