Do You Charge Enough?

What is the value of your product or service? Now, notice I didn’t ask what you charge – I asked what the value is.

Because you see, there is a huge distinction there.

In many cases, what business owners and salespeople choose to charge may be in direct contrast to the actual value that it affords their target client. Most of the time, I find that salespeople and business owners “sell themselves short” – so to speak – simply by not charging enough.

When you provide a client your product or service, you’re filling a need for them. Sales is simply serving people in their needs. And realize this: their need for what you have is real – and you deserve to be compensated for the work that you have done for them!

Because your products and services are worth it for the right client!

My last podcast with Patti Cotton was a powerhouse of sales strategies, personal development tips and success principles. She talks about a number of essential business and sales success topics, and one of the things she discusses is understanding the value of charging what you’re worth…

… And too many people miss it.

Because some people in sales may feel that they can only charge “X” amount whenfill in the blank. They may struggle with imposter syndrome, or they feel that they aren’t worthy because they haven’t gotten to “a certain point.”

And yet: whether you are a brand new salesperson or you are a seasoned pro, what you have to offer has the same value for the person that needs it.

In fact, I daresay that salespeople do a disservice to those that need them by not valuing themselves and their services enough to charge what they are worth.

You can double and triple your sales overnight – simply by owning and showing the value in what you do by raising your prices.

Ironically, it seems that the more you charge, the more value most target clients see in it, and the more willing they are to work with you. Within reason, you should always – always charge at the high end for what you have to offer.

You are worth it – and it’s worth it to your clients.

Check out Patti’s incredible story of success here!

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