3 Ways To Be Intentional In Sales

Nobody wants to work hard for nothing – especially anyone working in sales. And yet, the way that most sales techniques are rigidly structured, they can leave salespeople feeling like they are just spinning their wheels. They keep trying the same pre-packaged methods, again and again, having been told that these approaches will work if they keep at it.

And yet, these methods don’t produce good results.

They are missing the key piece: intention.

Sales is not hard – and yet most people make it out to be. You can double and triple your sales easily – but your success will come slowly and with a lot of struggle when it’s not done with intention!

So what does that mean to be intentional in your sales? How can you be intentional about the sales process so you can double and triple your sales?

1. Work only with your top 20%

This can be done! You do not need to serve or sell to every person that crosses your path. In fact, you shouldn’t serve everybody! Narrowing down your efforts to just your target clients does not make you picky – it makes you a wise salesperson!

The beauty of sales is that what you have to offer is made specifically for one type of client. This means there is no sense in trying to sell to someone that your product or service is not made for. It does not make them a bad client or you a bad salesperson – it just means that they are better served by someone else!

So, who is your 20% Who are your target clients?

First, identify who your target client is not. This will help you narrow the field a bit and provides you with clarity on who your target client is. When you look at your sales, your top 20% will usually also be your favorite clients.

Who are they? What do they appreciate about you? What are their top 10 qualities? What does your client want from you?

Your top 20% needs what you have to offer.

Think about that – they are waiting to hear from you. How much easier will it be to sell to someone that really needs what you have?

2. Visualize the end result

We communicate with our subconscious mind with what we think about. There is untold power in what happens with what we communicate to our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does not pass judgement – it only obeys and responds accordingly.

The key is to tell it the right things.

When you impress upon your mind’s eye a certain result, it will behave in such a way that you get exactly the result you visualize.

So, before you even make the call to meet with your prospect, visualize the meeting being booked. Picture them responding favorably when you start to close the sale. Picture the signed contract in your hands.

Be intentional about EXACTLY what you want to visualize. You may, not knowing it, be visualizing a different result than what you really want. For instance, if you are visualizing a meeting that simply opens a dialogue between you and your prospect, you’ll find that’s what you get – even if you had wanted to close the sale. Deliberately choosing what you think about.

3. Ask for the sale. Then ask again.

If you are intentionally working with your top 20%, they need what you’ve got! So you are actually doing them a disservice when you don’t ask for the sale! There is no reason to do anything other than boldly ask for the sale!

Then listen. Wait as long as it takes for them to respond. Say nothing, and allow your prospect to respond to your offer and questions. You give them a tremendous gift when you wait for them to respond. It communicates that you are really listening. Remember: sales isn’t talking – sales is asking questions – and listening.

Then, ask for the sale again.

After your authentic sales conversation, your job is not done! Too many sales people drop the ball when it comes to follow up!

Statistically, over 85% of sales are closed after the 5th follow up! So your authentic sales conversation may be just the beginning step of the sale!

Your work is not completed until you get a “yes,” a “no” or a “next step.” The salesperson with the most persistence is the one who makes the sales!

You can double and triple your sales – this year. You can absolutely do it – when you do it with intention.

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