Getting Ready To Get Ready

I can’t start doubling my sales yet because I don’t have _________ ready.

Fill in the blank.

  • My website needs all the loose ends tied up.
  • My business cards need to be altered a bit.
  • I can’t expand until I find a new location.
  • I need a new bookkeeping system already in place.

Sound familiar? Are you getting ready, to get ready, to get ready, to succeed? And how many things do you think need to be in place before you can take the next step?

Most people would say there is a LOT to do before a person or business can succeed in sales. But I’ve got good news for you: This is a limiting belief. Meaning, you do NOT need to have all your ducks in a row prior to succeeding! It’s a limiting belief that we don’t talk about as much as some of the others – but it’s a big one for a lot of people!

You see, the details and logistics grow and evolve with a business as it expands! Because setting yourself up for success has very little – if anything – to do with logistics.

So, what is it all about?

There’s an old saying that I’ve found to be true in my line of work that goes like this: Once a decisions is made, the universe conspires to make it happen.

What exactly does that mean?

It means that the details take care of themselves! Once you decide that you are going to double your sales, triple your sales, go quantum, or achieve another goal, it will happen. The pieces rather fall into place on their own! In other words, I’ve never met a successful salesperson that said “Once I got my business cards finalized, I was READY to succeed.”

Seems rather silly, right? And yet small details can trip up a lot of people when they are getting started!

So instead of “getting ready to succeed,” what should they be doing instead?

Well, this was something I discussed in my latest podcast episode with the wonderful Shonna Jordan. She is the owner of the incredible nonprofit, Houses of Hope. When she experienced this limiting belief as her nonprofit was growing, she examined the situation. Shonna moved forward in spite of not feeling entirely ready because, “The overall vision was clear and the stepping stones were in alignment with that vision.”

That is powerful! Before you can take the next step, the vision must be clear!

What is the vision? Do you know what you want? If you know it, the next step toward that vision will become clear. Take it – even if you don’t feel ready.

Because when the vision is clear, you ARE ready.

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