Sales Skills are Especially Critical for Non-Profits with Shonna Jordan

As always, I’m super excited to introduce you our guest for today, the incredible Shonna Jordan! Shonna is the first non-profit of 2018 and the second non-profit of all time on this podcast. This is great because there are so many non-profits that we really want to support out there and although we have an open invitation for them, it’s still very hard to convince them to come to Sales Camp!

Shonna is the director of development for Houses With Hope and her organization was our non-profit of the year at Sales Coach Now. This was announced at the Quantum Sales Summit and so we will be sending financial gifts to Shonna throughout the year! If your heart is touched by what you hear today, I’d really like to encourage you to do whatever you can to help her organization.

Houses With Hope is a non-profit organization which builds houses for orphans and families in Africa and they also assist the homeless population in the United States.   Shonna has led US teams since 2001 to Kenya, to help orphans in the slums of Nairobi and to assist homeless families in the rural areas of Western Kenya. As the director of development for her organization, Shonna is living out her passion to help children and families and she really puts a lot of hard work into people all over the world- especially the kids!

According to Shonna, Sales Camp is very important for non-profits and she explains that if a non-profit is not run in the very same way as a for-profit organization, it is going to fail. We really want to gift Sales Camp to non-profit organizations, so if you are one or if you know of one, please go (or send them) to our web page where there is a tab specifically for non-profits, where they can apply to attend Sales Camp at no cost. This is our way of giving back.

Today, Shonna tells us her story. She talks about the point at which non-profits showed up in her world and how she knew at a relatively young age that she wanted to go to Africa to work with the people who really needed her help. She shares how her love for softball earned her a scholarship to play college ball and how this led to her getting an opportunity to go to Africa for some mission work and to play softball. Shonna also discusses her mindset around selling within her organization to bring in the necessary funds to help people all over the world. Listen in to find out more!

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