Keeping the Legacy of Entrepreneurship Alive with Andrew Fuller

For some of us, stepping out and starting your own business feels like entering a brave new world. For people like Andrew Fuller, it’s more like fulfilling destiny. In today’s episode, I am sitting down with Andrew to talk all things entrepreneurship. This is particularly exciting for me, because I feel like I am a part of the Fuller family! My first interview with a Fuller was Andrew’s daughter Kayla, who is giving Millennials a fabulous reputation in business. Andrew will be the first to tell you that entrepreneurship feels like his legacy. I was so excited to hear stories of his grandparents and great-grandparents, all small business owners. When Andrew started his business at 21, he was stepping into the path of the people who came before him. He hasn’t looked back since.

For Andrew, success in sales is all about growth and development. Andrew works hard to develop his own skill set as a salesman and a leader. He develops his team by teaching them all about their product and instilling a firm belief in the power to change lives. Whatever limiting beliefs might be creeping in, Andrew banishes with the power of a positive mindset. With all of these things going for him, it is no small wonder that Andrew has been able to double and triple his sales. I know you are going to walk away with practical wisdom and an enthusiastic attitude today. Listen to find out more keys to Andrew’s success!

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