Keeping the Legacy of Entrepreneurship Alive with Andrew Fuller

At Sales Coach Now, we talk a lot about ideas like doubling your sales, tips, tricks, and strategies to help you expand your business, and shifting your mindsets to catapult you toward success.

And all of those are very important – and effective – ideas and strategies that can affect your life in a huge way.

But today I’d like you to consider something else about your sales. What’s your legacy?

Now, you may be thinking: What could my sales have anything to do with my leaving a legacy?

The answer is: A whole lot more than you may think.

On my last podcast, I interviewed Andrew Fuller, an entrepreneur, and highly successful salesman. I really want all my readers to hear his podcast for something a little extra motivating, and that is the legacy that he is leaving with his family as a result of his business and sales experience.

Andrew’s story is inspiring, not just for the success that he has achieved himself – which is substantial. But also for the success that he saw as a child, and that he practiced and passed along to his family. And those habits and success principles have endured, because a couple of weeks ago, I interviewed his daughter, Kayla, on my podcast as well! (You can listen to it here.)

You see, when you make small changes in your life, such as positive shifts to affect your sales, those in your sphere of influence see it. And they see the effects of it. This may be your children, your friends, your family, even your parents! We all learn from each other whether or not we intend to! So, what are you teaching them? What is your influence?

It’s like this:

  • When you shift your mindset from “I’m a pushy salesperson” to “I’m a persistent problem solver,” you’re leaving a legacy of endurance.
  • When you shift your mindset from “I’m too old to succeed” to “I have years of wisdom and experience to bring into my next business venture,” you are leaving a legacy of never giving up.
  • When you shift your mindset from “Sales is hard” to “Sales is easy,” you are leaving a legacy of positive thinking.
  • When you conquer limiting beliefs in order to ultimately have a better life, you are leaving a legacy of overcoming.

See what I mean? Your decisions matter – not just for you, but also for those around you.

So, what’s your why? Who are you doubling your sales for? If the answer is for you, there is nothing wrong with that! But just know that those around you are watching you learn and grow – and they will want to follow in your footsteps.

So, what steps do you need to take NOW that can shift your sales, and in effect, the legacy that you are leaving?

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