5 Things Successful Sales Pros Do!

As a Sales Expert, I am inevitably asked by business owners, sales managers and sales professionals the following question: “What makes a salesperson successful?” I always have to take a deep breath and a pause before I answer because there isn’t just one answer.

And there certainly isn’t a simple answer.

But over the years I have found that there are some things top sales professionals have in common that keep them at the top.

One: They expect and trust that the sales are coming. Top Sales Professionals know, and trust, that the sales are “just coming” every month. Even in a down economy, you will still see Top Sales Pros maintaining their $100,000.00 per month sales results while their counterparts will come up with excuses and reasons why (usually related to the economy) their sales have dropped from $50,000.00 to $25,000.00 per month. Top Sales Pros don’t have excuses, they just keep expecting the next sale to show up-and it does.

Two: They aren’t hung up on the money. Since they expect the sales to keep coming every single month, they never find themselves thinking about scarcity or lack. Whenever they are in front of their clients, they are in a position to truly solve their problem because they aren’t thinking about themselves or the fact that they “need this next sale”. They are selling from a position of service and problem solving.

Three: They are likable….and they like themselves. Top Sales Professions like and accept who they are. They aren’t arrogant, but they are confident (don’t mistake the two). Confidence shows the client that this person can really solve their problem, so it is easier to make a fast decision and move forward.

Four: They are usually at a “Level 10”. In addition to confidence, top Sales Professionals also exude high energy and are often fun to be around! A “Level 10” means that they are just being themselves, showing up with confidence and being their most energetic selves. Prospects buy from people their “like, know and trust”-who wouldn’t buy from someone at a “Level 10”?

Five: They understand that no isn’t an answer, it’s an objection. Top Sales Professionals don’t take no for an answer. Instead, they realize that they just haven’t answered all of their client’s questions or addressed all of their objections. They are willing to “stay in the game” and find out what is truly stopping the prospect from moving forward. They understand that what they are really trying to find out is how they can solve their client’s problem.

If you want something bad enough, then you have to take action! And, you must take action every day.

Take Action! If you feel like you want to increase your sales, look at each of these areas and ask yourself, “How can I improve in this area? What do I need to shift?” and then take that step!

Like anything in life, it is possible to improve your sales skills. It takes commitment and dedication to become a Sales Super Star, but if you stay committed to your goals, it WILL happen!

In Service and On Purpose,


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