3 Ways to Break Through Your Financial Set Point!

Most Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals choose their career or business path because they want to have unlimited financial freedom in their lives. And yet, as they “get into it”, they bump up against what I like to refer to as their, “Financial Set Point” – or that revenue number that they just can’t seem to get through.
Often that number is just enough to pay their bills and get on to the next month.
Sound familiar?
Not breaking through to the next level and just “getting by” is a real problem in our world today. The truth is, new clients are everywhere, but most people can’t see them because they are stuck in their day to day routine, unable to see what is right in front of them.
When I wrote the Second Edition of Selling with Intention, I specifically addressed this issue because with the right focus you CAN break through to the next level! I have seen clients do it in less than a month, some even faster, so I want to encourage YOU to take that leap this month with the steps I am going to share.
Step One: Acknowledge Your Financial Set Point
First and foremost, you have to acknowledge that you have a set point. It’s pretty easy to spot by simply reviewing your last six months or financial statements or pay stubs. Once you have averaged the totals for those six months, write that number down. That is your Financial Set Point.
Step Two: Choose Your Monthly Stretch Goal
Once you have the Set Point, I want you to get reacquainted with your monthly stretch goal. What is the sales number that you would LIKE to reach every month? It’s usually that number that you’ve been thinking about for a long time, but have never reached. Now, you might need to examine your beliefs around this goal (you need to believe that you deserve it and that you can attain it) before you move on to the next step.
Step Three: Change Your Sense of Urgency
The third step is to change your sense of urgency. This might seem like a small step, but it is the step that makes all of this work. Most people think in terms of “months”-so we imagine that we have 30 days to “sell into the month”. The reality is that most people don’t do a whole lot of selling until they feel a sense of urgency in the middle or end of the month (right?). To change that, you need to move the sales close date up into the middle of your month. Instead of the 30th, move it up to the 20th and watch your urgency increase! Plus, you will still have 10 days after the 20th to make it happen if you need to!
Take Action: Schedule at least an hour to go through this process. Add it to your calendar right now so you keep the commitment to yourself. Then, make it happen!

Decide, right now, that this is the month you are going to break through to the next level! Then, take that first step!

In Service and On Purpose,



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