Ursula Mentjes: Overcoming the Fear of Selling and Other Limiting Beliefs

To celebrate Double Your Sales’ 50th episode, I am turning the mic on myself and answering all the questions I usually get to ask my guests. Some of you might already know my story, but I think it is always a good practice to remind ourselves of our past so we know how much farther we have left to go. From the moment I started my own business, I wanted to help entrepreneurs and business owners make a lot of money and find success, whatever that might mean to them. The only reason I am in such a position to coach these individuals is because of my own struggles and successes in sales. This is the story you are going to hear today!

Today you will hear how a young, inexperienced glossophobic woman transformed her mindset and became a confident saleswoman and public speaker. You will hear the inspiration behind all of my books, as well as the tools that I still use today to make sales happen. I really do practice what I preach on the podcast—I had to get rid of my limiting beliefs before I could be successful in sales. I powered through the hardest, most vulnerable moments of my life as I started and grew my own business. I used tools and valuable people to help me battle my fear of public speaking.

I am proof that you are more than enough right now. My encouragement to you today is to figure out where you are getting stuck and then make the changes. Lucky for you, the Double Your Sales podcast is here to make that process just a bit easier. Thanks for taking this journey with me!

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