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When you hear someone share their story of success, what do you find to be the most encouraging or inspiring? Have you ever been motivated by someone who gave the impression that everything was easy and the trip to the top was a jaunt?


Are you encouraged by learning of someone’s struggles, the challenges, the obstacles, and the uncertainties? And are you that much more motivated by the victory that came on the other end of it?

I think the answer is obvious!

We are encouraged by challenges because they tend to reflect and validate our own experiences. It’s good for us to hear that it’s normal to struggle and character building to persevere, because it gives us encouragement in our own uncertainties.

I love sales because sales requires most of us to stretch a little. It requires us to get out of our comfort zones! Sales IS easy – especially once we learn to make a few minor but critical changes.

Growth is a part of the process toward success in anything – especially sales!

In just about every situation, what needs to be changed is one or two limiting beliefs – and that is when sales begin to double, triple, and when salespeople go quantum. And while a core limiting belief may be the same, each person’s “ah ha moment” and picture of results after the change is unique to them!

And that is where our stories become inspirational!

In my own story, sales was initially my backup plan! I never meant for it to be a career! But once my confidence began to shift, sales started to happen. And I am where I am today after learning, adjusting, and changing! It worked for me – so it will work for you!

With that in mind, I decided to celebrate by 50th podcast episode by turning the mic on myself and sharing my story for those who may not have heard it. I ask similar questions to all of my podcast guests, and in this episode, I answer those questions myself!

I practice what I preach at Sales Coach Now because I have learned through experience how these methods WORK. That’s why I so passionately teach them!

My hope is that you’ll be encouraged and inspired by what I have learned along the way in my sales journey! That if a farm girl like me who hated sales can come this far, then certainly you can too!

Your story is being written right NOW. Know this: no matter who you are, or where you are at, there is power in the story you are creating.

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