Reset Your Vibes to Increase Your Sales with Michael Losier

What would you say if I told you that you could literally THINK your way into doubling your sales? Would you call me a quack?

That’s okay, because I know it sounds farfetched. But hear me, because this is the secret to doubling and tripling your sales – and even to going quantum!

I’m talking about the Law of Attraction. What is the Law of Attraction? And what does it have to do with sales?

Scientifically, it’s not overly complicated. It is based on the premise that we as living beings are energy. We operate – literally – on a bioelectric frequency. This concept is nothing new – it’s the same science behind the EKG machine, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and various other medical fields.

The Law of Attraction just utilizes this science within life in addition to its medical applications.

And here is the key: as energetic beings, we are always unconsciously trying to connect with others whose frequency matches our own.

Take a look at your immediate sphere of influence. Chances are pretty good that your income closely matches that of your 5 closest friends. In addition, your hobbies and interests are probably similar, as well as your outlook on life. Strange, huh?

Not really – it’s just evidence of the Law of Attraction that is already working in your life.

The key is to recognize it, and use it to your advantage! So, how do you do that?

Well, you attract to you who you are! So, you need to become what you want to attract. You need to make your frequency match those that you want to work with! And the best way to get started? That’s right – by being intentional about your thoughts.

And you’ll find that when you utilize the Law of Attraction, the “heavy lifting” of finding your target clients is done for you! Because when your frequencies match, they will come to you.

On my latest podcast, I had the privilege to interview the man who literally wrote the book on the Law of Attraction, Michael Loiser. He shares his story of success, the principles of the Law of Attraction that he’s seen work time and time again, and how to make the Law of Attraction work for you! You do not want to miss this episode!

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