“This One Thing Made Me A Good Salesperson”

“I’m not a salesperson.”

I’ve heard this from nearly all the clients that I’ve worked with. Interestingly, I’ve heard this from nearly all the salespeople I’ve worked with.

Nobody wants to identify themselves as a salesperson, probably because the image that we have of a salesperson is less than flattering. Usually it’s something along the lines of a “slick used car salesman” who needlessly talks people out of their hard earned money.

Now, most business owners know by now that sales professionals are nothing like the corrupt image we have of them. Yet they still struggle to admit that they are in sales!

The reality is that if you’re going to go into business, you’ll inevitably need to learn how to sell!

On my latest podcast, I interviewed the incredible Sally Doyle. Sally Doyle is the owner of Absolute Business Solutions, a bookkeeping firm. Sally works one to one with entrepreneurs and business owners on their financials, so they can focus on what they are good at. Sally is passionate about supporting growth oriented entrepreneurs and business owners in their success by providing bookkeeping and advisory services.

Sally is also a Sales Camp graduate with an incredible story of success. She shares her story and her business wisdom during the course of our interview. You don’t want to miss her show!

And looking back, I remember when I met her. When I met her, what did she say at the time?

“I’m not a salesperson.”

In our podcast interview, Sally shares the value she saw on learning this new skill of sales. As she is passionate about supporting businesses so that they can effectively serve their clients, she understood quickly the value of focusing on working in her strengths.

Past that, she loved learning simple skills and strategies that would effectively help her to double her sales.

She says, “Founding the company didn’t make me a good sales person – getting coaching made me a good salesperson.”

Anyone can found a company and start a business. And if you do, your business should be in something that you are naturally passionate about!! However, business requires a lot of skills – sales included!

Those skills are a struggle for you are an incredible opportunity to both expand your skills and knowledge base for the things that you are doing as the owner. Then, learn to delegate those things that are better suited to someone else’s strengths.

Anyone can do sales and be successful. Anyone. In fact, you’re doing it right now without even realizing it! But like Sally, learning just a few strategies, tips, and tricks is worth it – and it can exponentially increase your sales!

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