The Top 3 Limiting Beliefs You Can Overcome To Double Your Sales NOW

The way you answer this question will determine how successful you are going to be in sales and business: What do you believe about sales? 

Notice I asked nothing about your credentials, schooling, market saturation, what you are selling, your current net worth, or where you have your corporate office. I asked what you believe. 

Because ultimately, what you believe about sales will determine whether or not you are successful in sales. Very little else makes any difference in your success and growth.

It’s for this reason that I talk a lot about overcoming limiting beliefs! When we move into what I call The Belief Zone, magic happens. I have seen time and time again how a simple shift in limiting beliefs causes an almost unbelievable growth of sales. 

In just about all the people I’ve worked with, I’ve seen just a handful of limiting beliefs that business owners struggle with about sales. And many times, people don’t realize that they are holding on to a limiting belief until they learn about it! 

So how do you conquer a limiting belief? It’s not enough to say, “I won’t believe X anymore.” Instead, you need to replace it with “I believe Y instead.”

Here are the top 3 limiting beliefs that I see in business owners. If you find yourself holding on to one of these, congratulations! You are about to learn how to change those limiting beliefs and grow your business!

  1. “I am a pushy salesperson.”

    Here is something important for business owners to understand: When you are working with your target clients, you’re working with the people who need what you have!

    Furthermore, did you know that 81% of sales are closed after the 5th follow up? That means making 5 follow up calls, or scheduling 5 follow up meetings before closing the majority of sales!

    Now, consider this: When a prospect gets a follow up call from a salesperson who has what that prospect needs, are they annoyed? No! Their response nearly every time? “I’m so glad you called! Thanks for following up.”

    When you begin to believe that you have exactly what your prospects are looking for, sales becomes an act of service!

    This is a big one! Replace this limiting belief with:

    “I am a professionally persistent problem solver!”

  2. “There isn’t enough money or clients for all!”

    We tend to grossly over think the concept of money. Money is NOT that complex. Money is simply energy. It’s completely amoral –  neither good or bad!

    Consider this: How can you expect to receive what is coming to you as you double and triple your sales if you don’t believe there is enough for you to have a piece of the pie? In the same way that money cannot be placed in a closed fist, it also can’t come to a closed mind!

    Every business has a target client – including yours. And by definition, that target client has money for what you are offering. It’s possible to even work with only your favorite clients! There is ALWAYS enough money to go around!

    So, replace this limiting belief with:

    “Money flows to me easily and effortlessly every day.”

  3. “I am not enough” or “I do not have enough experience.”

    It never ceases to amaze me how many of my clients truly believe that they are not qualified to sell what they do! This limiting belief is not limited to people who are new to an industry. I’ve seen it in all skill levels – from business owners starting brand new projects to skilled and educated professionals with decades of experience to offer!

    This is a phenomenon called imposter syndrome. Meaning, it’s common enough to have been named and identified by psychologists and therapists. So take heart – most people experience it at some point. 

However, it’s a complete lie.

We tend to underestimate the value and benefits of our qualifications. If you are selling something, you are, by default, an expert in that area!

Even if you have no sales experience whatsoever, you have an expertise in what you are selling! And here is the key: That is enough!

Replace this limiting belief with:

“I AM an expert in my industry!”

You have – right now – all the tools that you need to double and triple your sales! 

What limiting belief do you need to change today?

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