Do What YOU Are Good At

In your sales or business, what are you truly good at? Most people know their strengths – what are yours?

Are you best at being the face of your organization?
Do you thrive behind the scenes in operations, making systems run?
Are you awesome at bookkeeping?
Is networking your thing?

Now, on the flip side, what are you genuinely not good at and not passionate about in sales? We tend to be keenly aware of our weaknesses – more so than we are our strengths!

Do you struggle with operations?
Do you get tied up doing the numbers?
Is it excruciating to be in crowds of people?

Now, whatever you are good at, DO THAT THING. But conversely, whatever you aren’t good at, DON’T!

It’s an old adage: Stick to your strengths. It’s a simple enough message with an even simpler application, right?

However, the flip side to applying this principle is choosing to intentionally delegate. It can be a bit more difficult to outsource for the things that we are less skilled at because it means admitting what we perceive to be an area of weakness.

Now, there is nothing wrong with seeking self-improvement and trying to fine tune areas of weakness! On the other hand, we all have natural strengths for a reason – NOBODY can do it all by themself!

Think of it like this: Are you “operating in your strengths?” Or are you operating in “trying to fix my weaknesses?” See the difference?

Now hear me: If you are expanding your sales, and you’re trying to do it all – even the things that you’re not good at – your sales will only get so far! Something will eventually get hung up at the limits of your abilities, and your sales will suffer for it!

This is where delegating becomes not only valuable – it becomes necessary.

On my latest podcast episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing the “Yin to my Yang,” Rebekah Hall. I don’t want to give away too much information about this powerhouse of an episode – you just need to hear it!

But you see, she’s an expert at systems and operations for businesses, which is something that I tend to gloss over. Conversely, my strength lies in forming a winning mentality and overcoming limiting beliefs.

We complement each other’s strengths in a huge way. And Sales Coach Now is what it is because we both chose to work with someone who, when operating in our strengths, enhances what we do – and our clients benefit from it.

Trust me – you do NOT want to miss this episode. Straight from the gate, Rebekah offers a wealth of business savvy wisdom that comes from years of experience successfully coaching over 2,000 businesses. She’s an incredible asset to Sales Coach Now and I’m excited to share her with you!

Listen to her episode here.

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