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“I just don’t want to sound pushy.”

I hear this limiting belief from sales campers all the time. And you know what? I get it. Our society’s image of “salespeople” is not exactly an endearing one. The “used car salesman” portrayed in media is the walking definition of greed and exploitation:doing anything, saying anything, to make a sale at the expense of his prospects.

NOBODY wants to embody the image of the used car salesman. Furthermore, nobody wants to be sold to by the used car salesman.

As a result, we turn our backs on everything related to sales because we don’t want to be associated with that scenario in any way, shape, or form!

As with most things though, the media does not give an accurate representation of the reality of sales! It completely misses the mark on what sales is, what it means, and what the relationship between salesperson and client really looks like. The reality of successful salespeople is, fortunately, much different than what we envision.

Which is why I try to address this at the outset anytime I’m talking to anyone that is new to sales.

I have good news for you. Sales… is not about selling!

What do I mean? Consider this:

When you see a great movie, try out a fantastic new restaurant, or find an amazing skincare product, you don’t keep it to yourself. You tell everyone you know! You want to share this great thing that you have experienced. Why? Because they will likely benefit from it in some way, right?

And yet when it comes to sharing the great thing that you specialize in and that you have to offer, you freeze. Why is that? Why don’t you tell everyone about YOUR amazing product or service?

A better question may be: What’s the difference between the two?

Here is the key: The difference is 100% in the way YOU are looking at it!

So look at it this way. Your target client has a problem. They have a need – and you are the one who is best suited to meet that need. By making the calls, setting the appointments, having an authentic sales conversation, and closing the sale, you’re actually HELPING them solve a problem in a tremendous way!

The reality is that they are already looking for you! By meeting their needs and solving their problems, you’re serving them.

See? Sales isn’t about selling – it’s about serving.

Now, looking at it through that lens, doesn’t it seem silly to think you’re going to sound pushy when telling someone about something that you have – they already want and already need?  

Furthermore, if they are actively looking for what you have, doesn’t it feel less like a boring job, and more like a responsibility to reach out to them?

In this way, sales is less about selling  and more about service.

I’ve talked with hundreds of successful salespeople over the years and I’ve noticed a few things:

  1. Not one of them is like the used car salesman. Eventually, someone that is trying to take advantage of gullible people will reap what he sows, and his “sales” career will be over quickly.
  2. Not one successful salesperson – NOT ONE – reports that selling is hard. In addition, nobody claims to have all the sales magic or techniques all figured out. And yet, they make a lot of sales!
  3. They all view their work as a service to their clients. As a result, they genuinely love what they do.

And then it’s not even work.  It’s easy. And they sell – a lot.

What do you think about selling? Do you fear being the used car salesman? GOOD! Because that means you genuinely like people and you don’t want to take advantage of them. Which leads me to conclude that you’d prefer to serve them.

And guess what? That means you’re cut out for success in sales! So, the world is your oyster!

So, your target clients are already looking for you! Knowing this, what is your next step?

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