Reset Your Vibes to Increase Your Sales with Michael Losier

When we talk about doubling sales, so much of our focus revolves around the next new strategy or following a new lead. What if I told you that you could see a tangible shift in your sales success simply by practicing positive thinking? Today, I am chatting with the incredible Michael Losier, who literally wrote the book on the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is all about changing your negative focus and attention into positive focus and attention. The energetic response around you will match whatever vibrations you put out. Michael’s simple sales tool? Put good energy in, and get good energy out!

Michael is going to teach us today all about how to blast through our sales blocks, but I don’t want you to miss his incredible story. Michael’s beginnings are as humble and authentic as they get. Even though his work has been featured on Oprah’s Soul Series and Oprah and Friends Radio, and he has sold millions of copies of his books, Michael started out by teaching and training others in his spare time. In just a short time, Michael went from government employee to entrepreneur and author. Michael has started a movement with his words, but he will be the first to tell you that he never thinks of himself as a writer, just a motivated trainer with plenty of ideas and information to share.

In today’s interview, Michael is going to share some of the most powerful and simple ways to begin to transform your sales through the Law of Attraction. There are people out there who want more of what you have to offer. Using Michael’s tools and training, you can attract those ideal customers to you! Listen in to find out how.

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