How to Write Your Multi-Six or Seven Figure Story This Year


On the Double Your Sales Now podcast, you will discover top resources to selling strategies, powerful tips, and best practices to open your mind and performance to the next level. You can double your sales, too! This is an empowering episode that will multiply your peace, confidence, and success!


2020 has been a terrible year for everybody and we already heard enough of the bad news. It’s time to put the successful entrepreneurs in the spotlight and learn from the best. We all hear the words “next level.” It all boils down to whether you’re saying yes and what actions you need to take to accomplish your goals. I’m beyond excited to witness your success all the way through, and this time, with the right mentors who will cheer for you and help you write your multi-six or seven-figure story. It’s NOW or NEVER!


Key areas we covered in this episode:


☑️ Sneak peek of the Sales Coach Now 2X Intensive Program, which gave birth to the CEO 2X breakthrough experience. Set your business enthusiasm on fire by finding out how COVID-19 served as an opportunity to flip business obstacles and turn them into opportunities. 


☑️ Get ready to get blown away by client success stories like gaining more revenue while shaving ten or more hours from your workweek. Everybody wants to scale their business in a way where they’re not working more. Start creating a business that you love, not a job that you hate. 


☑️ Strategic quantum leaps of our courageous clients led to $200,000 dollars in revenue gain back in 2020 to $80,000 dollars of monthly income, setting themselves up for their seven-figure year in a very short amount of time.


☑️ Be the queen/king of delegation. It allows you to expand your business opportunities and build them around the kind of lifestyle that you want. (Shhh! That’s another secret unlocked but wait . . . there’s more!)


☑️ Building financial stability by setting money goals. What’s the point of having a pile of cash next to you if you don’t know where you’re supposed to spend or invest it? Be financially wise if you want to scale your business.


☑️ Why coaching investment is considered a strong support system. The top athletes in the world have multiple coaches who taught them. Investing in yourself also means finding someone confident enough to guide you. (You’ll find out why most successful entrepreneurs have their mentors!)


All the stories you’ve been telling yourself about why you can’t have something, let’s take some time to pause, meditate, and start visualizing the amount of your next level revenue. Release all the negativity and permit yourself to begin living your new story.


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