How Accountability Can Increase Your Productivity And Double Your Sales

Those who teach about success will many times give a list of to do’s as a part of the success formula.  Such as:

-Practice the Golden Rule
-Remember people’s names
-Become a leader
-Surround yourself with people who are where you want to be

Now, each of those things is crucial! But I daresay there is one element interwoven through all of those things that too often goes unnoticed.

That is consistency.

See, when you are a business owner working toward a sales goal, strategy is important. Skills are important. Follow up is important. Association is important. But all the sales tools in the world won’t help you if you aren’t using them – and using them consistently!

In fact, it’s better to be consistent and not have all your tools in use than it is to spend your time sharpening your tools but fail to use them. Are you following me?

I’ve found that consistency is difficult for most people – WHY? It’s not because they aren’t smart or capable – anyone can learn how to use the tools for success! Sales is a part of life – and life is inconsistent, is it not? I would say consistent inconsistency is caused by a number of things – and all those things can be remedied simply!

So, how can you maintain consistency in your business?

With accountability.

What does that mean? Accountability means you are free to NOT need to remember to do it all YOURSELF!

How can you be accountable?

Intentional Schedule

Let’s start with having an intentional schedule. Have you formed your intentional schedule, starting with scheduling your time OFF? Have you set aside specific work time to accomplish your phone calls, your appointments, and your follow-ups?

Setting an intentional schedule is one of the best things you can to remain accountable. As an added bonus, it increases your productivity! Simply the act of writing down your to do list, which a schedule helps you to do, increases your productivity by 25%! Just by writing it down!

And, when you’re doing this make sure that you actually write it down! The average person can only remember seven things at one time. Seven. And I’m willing to bet that you have more than 7 things to do today – and especially this week – in your business!

For example, my schedule every week looks like this:

  • Monday is my catch up/admin day
  • Tuesday and Thursday I do coaching with clients
  • Wednesday is my podcasting and sales day
  • Friday is my writing day

And I keep that schedule every week as a way to remain consistent – and accountable to my business and clients!

Accountability Friend

Who do you have in your inner circle that’s holding you accountable? Let’s say you have an intentional schedule that you keep – good for you! Now, who helps you stay accountable for that?

Nobody can do it all alone – especially when they are trying to run a business! It takes a team of support personnel to keep the momentum going – to help it stay on track!

When you have someone – and ideally more than one – person in your inner circle holding you accountable, what happens to your productivity?

Well, when you know you need to answer to someone, doesn’t your productivity skyrocket? Nobody wants to report to a trusted friend, mentor, or business partner with, “Well, I really haven’t done anything this month.” No! Everyone wants to be able to explain how productive they have been!

So who do you have holding you accountable?

I’ve talked for years about my closest friend that helps keep me on track. Every time I get discouraged or frustrated, I tell her I’m quitting my work.

She affirms me, tells me I should quit, and asks me what I’m going to do next. And I realize in those moments that I am actually living my dream, that I merely hit a speed bump, and that I am, indeed, going back to work. And I do!

That is a form of accountability that helps keep me on track – an encourager I can always rely on! She knows me well enough to know how to keep me accountable, encouraged, and focused!

Who is it for you?

If you are struggling with productivity, that’s ok – you just need a little accountability! Adding that extra layer of support will do wonders for your business – and for your life.

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