Asking For – And Receiving – The Quantum Results You Want

In our businesses (and truthfully, in every area of our lives), too often we think we know what we want. We are working SUPER hard to get something. But ask yourself: Are you looking for – and working for – what you really want? Have you ever considered this?

Let me tell you a story. This summer, my family and I went to a county fair. My son loves finding coins – what kid doesn’t? As is to be expected, he was excited to go on an adventure finding money! As we were walking in, his cousin asked him if he wanted to find something more. The two of them decided to set an intention to find something bigger. They were going to look for bills instead of coins. Admittedly, they are generally harder to find! But there was no stopping them. That was the goal – and the intention.

Lucca had simply shifted his focus.

Well, we arrived at the cow barn and as we were looking around, Luca spotted something. In the straw, he found none other than a $20 bill! That’s quite a find for a seven-year-old! Of course, he was ecstatic, and we were excited for him! Now, $20 isn’t going to change the world in any way, but it sure changed that day for Lucca!

In reflection, I had several takeaways from this that we can all apply to our businesses.

Lucca would have been pleased as punch to continue finding pennies, nickels, and the occasional quarter! And for a 7-year-old, that’s plenty fun! But I have to wonder: Would he have even found that $20 bill if he wasn’t looking for it? This $20 bill was rather hidden in the straw. He could have been looking for something shiny, silver, or copper. He could have been enjoying looking at the animals – and that would have been just fine! But he had told his mind to keep a lookout for something else – something specific. He was looking for bills. And that simple mindset opened up his mind to spot things that would have otherwise remained overlooked. 

You see, Lucca firmly believed he would find a bill. That is to say, he did NOT harbor a limiting belief that he wouldn’t find a bill. He believed he would – and he did! Not only that, he didn’t just find a $1 or a $5 bill – he found a $20! It was there waiting for someone to grab it!

How does this relate to your sales in your business? Are you – figuratively – continuing to spend your energy and resources on pennies and nickels? Are you all the while hoping for the occasional quarter? 

Or are you thinking and believing for the bills? 

Too often in our businesses, we are thinking too small. To be fair, it’s easy to think small. But as we all know, the rewards are also small. They are also frustrating because we are spending the same amount of time and energy to get less. But the good news is that we can spend the same (or less) energy and receive more for those efforts!

So how is this done? 

It starts with your limiting beliefs. Luca believed there were bills out there for him! And he was right! Do you believe there are bigger things waiting for you than just the same old small rewards? Because you don’t need to put up with clients who don’t pay on time, small profit margins, struggling to find clients, clients who don’t appreciate you, and having little to show for your time and effort!

Lucca was looking for bills. What – specifically – are you looking for? That needs to be clearly defined! As soon as you do that, your mind will go to work for you, as it did for Luca! So what is it? Do you need more sales? Higher profit margins? More time and margin in your life? 

When our clients start realizing that they are maintaining limiting beliefs and they release them to adopt new ones, things change for them. They start seeing opportunities they previously would have overlooked. For example, you can start creating new packages, aligning your prices, valuing yourself and your business more, and seeing greater rewards for your efforts – and you can start doing that right now!

But it starts first with allowing yourself to believe that it’s possible and that it’s out there for you. 

Sales and business are simple. 

Ask for what you want. 

Set an intention to receive it. 

You will. 

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