Yes. Next?

Recently, I was teaching 60-Day Sales Success Intensive to a group of successful entrepreneurs and sales professionals. I could feel their energy and enthusiasm coming through the phone line and it was exciting to see how open and willing to grow they all were.

During the first call, I was sharing my own journey in business and how it has involved continually saying, “Yes. Next?”  I said it numerous times on the call, but I didn’t really think that much about it until later.

That afternoon I was checking my email and one of the participants sent me an email about how powerful it was when I said, “Yes. Next?”

It resonated so much with him that he had written it down and kept saying it every time he had to pick up the phone and call a prospect or finish a task.

More emails came in regarding the impact it had. I then went on the private Facebook page for the 60-Day Sales Success Intensive and people were posting about it.

One of my clients, a graphic designer, went so far as to create a logo for Yes. Next?  I bought it from her!


When I saw the logo, it really made me think. Why are those two words so powerful?  For me, personally, the words have been extremely powerful because I am always saying to myself, “Yes. Next?”

For me, “Yes. Next?” means, “Okay, God, so I’ve said yes to this and it has come into actualization. Now, what’s next?”  It’s become a personal prayer of asking God for guidance as I continue to say yes to bigger and bigger things, even in the face of fear.  What I’ve learned is that the more I say yes, the easier it gets, and then the next door opens.

My mentor and coach, Loral Langemeier, wrote an inspiring book entitled,Yes! Energy.” Loral’s secret to success, as she explains in the book, has been to continue to say yes to whatever was next for her in her business.  Whenever I spend time with Loral, I am always amazed by her fearlessness and what she has accomplished during her career.  Her energy is palpable and you can really feel it when she’s on stage sharing her stories and encouraging people to play the biggest game of their life.  No is not an option. To Loral, no just means not now.

People often say to me, “You’re so lucky because you know exactly what you want. You are so focused.”  I can sincerely tell you that luck is not involved!  Success is about choice and decision.  I don’t mean it’s about being decisive along the way (although that’s helpful). I’m talking about making a decision to go after what you really want. What you really want shows up in those secret daydreams we all have right before we go to sleep in the morning and wake up at night.  It shows up when you say “Yes” to what’s right in front of you and “Next?” when you’ve accomplished what you set out to accomplish.

What do you want to say yes to next? Yes, that “thing” that keeps bubbling up, but you keep denying?

In my second book,One Great Goal, I wrote about the “Soul Whispers” that we all have. Soul Whispers are the quiet voices we all hear that tell us what we need to do next, even when we aren’t listening. Over time, those whispers expand into screams that show up as health or financial challenges, or other things that try to point you back in the right direction. Life doesn’t have to be hard. We make it hard by resisting what we know we need to do next.  We make it hard by denying ourselves the opportunity to choose our greatest and most desirable goals.

I remember some of the challenges my husband, Tim, and I went through.  When we look back we know it’s because we were off our path of purpose. We weren’t doing what we knew we were supposed to be doing. So, we got back on track.

So, again, what is it that you really wantWrite it down. What is one step that you could take in the direction of realizing that dream? Write it down. Now, write that step in your calendar so you know exactly when you will take it. Keep going until you achieve it.

 And then ask yourself, “Yes. Next?

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