Focusing on One Great Goal Will Change Your Life

A few weeks ago, I was speaking at Reatha Corbett’s conference, “Discover the Gift Within.” Reatha created a wonderful event and asked me to speak on One Great Goal.

As I stood up to speak, I polled the audience and asked, “How many of you believe that if you were clear on what you really wanted, you could achieve it?Every hand went up. When I asked how many people actually knew what they wanted, there were significantly less hands and, instead, some giggles sprinkled around the room.

The truth is, most people don’t actually know what they want. Statistics show that 80% of people don’t enjoy what they are doing. Wow! What does that tell us?

It tells us that we have allowed limiting beliefs and fear to stop us from choosing what we really want. Instead, we settle. And then we wonder why we are unmotivated, depressed, sad, etc.

Believe me, it takes courage to choose what we want. There are many reasons, or excuses, we can think of to stop ourselves from going in the direction of our goals.

But the excuses are just the lies we tell ourselves. We have all heard stories of people beating the odds to achieve their highest goals. My husband, Tim, recently showed me a before and after photo of a man who got into amazing physical shape. In the after shot, he is in top-notch condition. You can see every muscle defined and he is standing proudly with a huge smile on his face. The photo caption reads, “What’s Your Excuse?” because the man only has one leg. You get the point.

Bethenny Frankel, star of the hit Bravo series, “Bethenny Ever After,” recently sold her liquor company to Beam for a reported $100 million (YES, $100 MILLION) dollars. In addition to launching successful businesses and being on two hit reality shows, she has written New York Times best selling non-fiction books, cookbooks, and now a novel. Interestingly, she shared in a recent magazine article that someone said no to every single idea she ever had. But she said yes and kept going. Now, she’s on track to be one of the most successful business women in history.

We live at a time when anything is possible. Anything. And yet, people remain in their comfort zones, not taking the steps in front of them to achieve what they most desire.

In “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill writes about people giving up when they are “three feet from gold.” When faced with great obstacles it is easy, and even understandable, to want to give up.

But what if you are just “three feet from gold“?

I certainly haven’t achieved the level of success I desire yet. I don’t obsessOne Great Goal about it, but I am certainly focused. If you ask my husband, he will tell you that I am probably one of the most focused people he knows (okay, he’d say, “most focused”). He has had a front row seat in my career and the companies I have launched. But I am that focused because I know what I want. Knowing what you want, and focusing on one goal, gives you the rocket fuel you need to get off the ground. (At the same time, we have a beautiful relationship that is my top priority and will continue to be. I know that great relationships are a significant part of the life I am creating-and the life that most people want to create along with their achievements. Remember to keep that in focus, too!)

So, what do you want to create? If you haven’t taken yourself through the One Great Goal clarification process recently, then I am going to encourage you to do it now.

Figuring out what you really want-your One Great Goal-will help you harness the success you desire.

The One Great Goal Clarification Process:

  1. Write a list of your top 10 goals.
  2. Cross out 5, leaving your top 5.
  3. Cross out 1 more, leaving 4. Cross out 1 more, leaving 3. Cross out 1 more, leaving 2. What do you notice about those two goals? If they are the same, then combine them. That is probably your One Great Goal.
  4. If not, then choose between your final 2 to discover your One Great Goal.
  5. Ask yourself, “When I achieve my One Great Goal, is it likely that all of the goals on my list will be achieved?”
  6. Now, write down 2 steps you can take immediately to move toward your One Great Goal (attach dates of completion to each one).

(If you would like to order a copy of One Great Goal, click here.)

Now that you know what you want, I am going to share a few tips with you to get you on your way:

One Great Goal Success Tips:

  1. Knowing your One Great Goal is the first step. But now you need to “get all in” and decide that you will make this goal happen…no matter what.
  2. Notice any limiting beliefs or fears that you have about achieving this goal? Write them down. Determine whether or not they are “really true” or is it possible you are just making them up?

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to just focus on your One Great Goal? You can probably already feel the tremendous power that exists in choosing just one goal, rather than focusing on all of them. It doesn’t mean that the other goals won’t actualize. What often happens is that by focusing on one, the rest of your goals will also be achieved!

Our ego is always working to keep us safe. Remember that limiting beliefs and fears are just roadblocks to keep you safe and in your comfort zone.  By acknowledging each fear or limiting belief, and taking action anyway, you will be on your way to achieving your One Great Goal.

Day by day, step by step, you will get there.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Decide. Get all in. Take the step. Achieve!

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