Top 5 Ways To Reset 2021 And LevelUp

In sales, we measure a lot of our progress and success in specific time increments. For instance, we examine the growth and sustainability of a business by examining sales during each quarter, half year, and annual reports of our sales. 

Now, knowing your numbers is powerful. And assigning your goals a specific timeframe is an unbeatable strategic tool for planning and projecting growth!

However, there is a possible downside to this method: Sometimes it can cause limiting beliefs to surface if we fall short at the beginning of our goals. 

You see, it’s easy to think that we are doomed to miss ALL of our goals for the year just because we get behind. We can get tripped up when we don’t start on the right foot! And we mentally check out, feeling defeated.

But it doesn’t need to be that way!

You see, success doesn’t need to happen on any specific timeline. 

That’s right – there is no rule that says that you can only be successful IF AND ONLY IF you start with a bang on January 1st and grow steadily each quarter from there. Success isn’t a straight line! So, if the first part of this year didn’t go the way you wanted it to, there is good news!

You can always hit the reset button!

You can start over ANY time you need to! We tend to put a lot of pressure on the beginning portion of the year, but we have to remember that every month can be a fresh start!

Look at 2021 so far. Have you fallen a little behind? Ok – have you fallen a lot behind?

That’s okay! Here are 5 ways you can reset your year NOW:

  1. Redo your projections

    Are they still practical for this quarter? This year? Maybe they are, maybe not. That’s fine – just adjust them! Realign your short term goals and your actionable steps so they match up with your updated timeframe!
  2. Reset your mindset

    DO NOT underestimate the power of your thinking! There is infinite power in being intentional about your thoughts – in fact, it affects EVERYTHING that you do. Furthermore, moments like this can be where your limiting beliefs start creeping back in, requiring more intentional mindset shifts!

    If you fell behind, honestly ask yourself: what did that do to my limiting beliefs? In many cases, it inflates them, making the task at hand seem ever more daunting!

    But it’s truly – truly – all in your head!

    So, instead of “I’m never going to get caught up,” tell yourself: “This is a new month – and I’m going to make my goals for this month.”

    Instead of “I’m not cut out for sales because I can’t even start right” tell yourself: “I’m adaptable to any situation and able to realign my goals to fit the situation!”

    Remember: the subconscious mind, which drives all of our behavior, doesn’t discriminate. It will simply receive all the messages that we give it as fact and as a reality. Then, it goes to work for you to make it happen.
  3. Take yourself through the One Great Goal process

    If you haven’t already, spend some time intentionally determining your One Great Goal. You’ll find that, when you do this exercise, everything you do begins to align with this one direction.

    You see, too often when we are setting goals, we are aiming to accomplish too many things at one time. Furthermore, the goals that we sometimes set are not always aligned with what we REALLY want!
  4. Create a vision board or a mind-movie

    What is your WHY? Always keep that in front of you! You can create a vision board or a mind movie to keep reminding yourself about the reward you are aiming for.

    Why is this a valuable tool? Again, you’re giving your subconscious mind the tools it needs to to go work for you. Look at your images from time to time of the things that you want to accomplish, the people that you want to spend time with, and what you intend to get out of the sales that you are making.

    Never forget your why!

    5. Write down 3 steps you can take right now to move forward.

    Now, actually write them down – with a pen and paper. This activates a separate part of the brain than simply adding to an electronic app. This is important, so write down this list!

    What is it for you? What do you think will help you take that first step toward hitting the reset button? There are no wrong answers! Write down your ideas, even if they seem irrelevant. You know yourself best. What can you do that helps to springboard you back into the game?

    Can you review your numbers?
    Can you schedule another networking event?
    Can you make another phone call?
    Can you take a look at your WHY?

    Write it down. Then, check off your list. And just like that, you’re back in the game! 

It’s a sobering thought, but December 31st is not especially far away! By the time you arrive at the end of the year, will you be glad that you reset 2021? 

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