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When you think about selling to your prospects and clients, does it seem daunting -like you’re just not “cut out” for sales?

Consider for a moment: What does this mentality do to your business? Think beyond just the interpersonal exchange at your sales presentations. When you are convinced, and you think you’re “not cut out for sales,” how do you speak? How do you think? How do you come across to your prospects?

If your answers to these questions are making your next sales presentation feel extra heavy, don’t fret – because there is good news: You’re not stuck with you – you can reinvent yourself!

It starts by identifying your limiting beliefs (I’m not cut out for sales), shift them to adopt new beliefs, (sales is easy and I’m a natural), and move forward and REALLY start selling – with intention.

Selling with intention goes beyond just “assuming the sale” though that is another way the sales conversation could be approached. Selling with intention means that ALL of sales is done with intention. It means:

  • Planning with intention
  • Networking with intention
  • Scheduling with intention
  • Goal setting with intention
  • Calling prospects with intention
  • Presenting with intention
  • Closing with intention
  • Following through with intention.

You see, when you sell with intention, you behave differently. The words you speak, the tone in your voice, your posture, even your subconscious responses during the sales conversation all change. And they change for your benefit!

My last podcast interview was with the beautiful Janet Woods, a Feng Shui Master. She shares her story of growing her business in an industry that would normally have considered her an outsider. Despite the odds, she grew and flourished in both her craft and business and she shares so much wisdom in our podcast. You do not want to miss her show!

During the show, one of the things she said that stuck out to me was, “I don’t need to know everything – I just need to set my intention, do the work, and let the universe unfold.”

YES! Sales can really be that simple! And no – you don’t need to know everything to be able to sell!

So, how can you be more intentional about your sales TODAY?

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