Be a Go-Giver and Watch Your Business Explode (With Bob Burg – Over 1 Million Copies Sold!)

Congratulations! You’re a brand new business owner!

I bet you didn’t necessarily realize that when you started in business that you were, by default, also in sales, even though that’s not what you signed up for!

When business owners hear this, this revelation can prompt all kinds of limiting beliefs to surface. As soon as they realize that they are in sales, they can start thinking:

  • I don’t like selling!
  • I’m terrible at selling!
  • I don’t have the personality to be in sales!
  • People don’t want to buy from me!
  • My strength is my trade, not sales!

And so on….

When it tends to come down to is that they think they “don’t have what it takes” to be in sales.

Because you see, when we think of a “salesperson,” one of two images comes to mind. First, we have the cliche “used car salesman” who uses people as a means to an end. The second image that we have is that of the PERFECT salesman: with his charismatic personality and charming smile, who can “sell sand in a desert.”

And frankly, nobody identifies with EITHER of those perceived images of a salesperson!

That’s okay. Because guess what? Neither of those perceptions reflects reality. The truth is that sales is all about serving, giving, and supporting your clients. It’s about relationships, connecting, and helping.

If you have done any sort of study on success principles, you might be familiar with the term “Go-Getter.” Being a “Go-Getter” is great! It implies initiative, strategy, and a committed attitude.

But to be successful in sales, you need to also learn to be a “Go-Giver.”

On my last podcast, I had the pleasure to interview the incredible Bob Burg, whose book “The Go-Giver” has sold over 1 million copies! What an opportunity it was for me to interview him! In our podcast interview, he shares in his story about how he learned to be successful in sales. For him, the key was learning about people, how to effectively connect with them, and how to connect people with each other.

His sales strategy involves genuine connections with people and using a simple success formula. “If you do A, you’ll get B. Easy!” And you simply need to work the formula. You do NOT want to miss his show!

The reality is that nobody wants to work with the used car salesman OR the perfect salesman. They want to work with YOU as a Go-Giver.

So, what’s your next step?

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