Developing Your Network for the No Collar Transformation with Ray Anderson

With all the focus on social media currently, creating a referral network has almost become a lost art. So today I am super excited to introduce you to Ray Anderson, an expert in organizational development who I met years ago, through networking with some business associates at an event. He has years of experience working with sales teams, so what he has to share today is going to be really valuable. Listen in as Ray shares what he has learned over the years about getting the very best out of people and developing really strong teams

Ray has been developing small business leaders and helping them to “get their people right” in order to “get their business right” for the last thirty years. He founded Anderson Business Coaching (ABC) in 1993 around the concept of a no collar workforce by taking your best blue-collar worker and teaching them the white collar fundamentals of good business and unleashing their potential for benefit for themselves and for the organization that they serve. Although this concept sounds simple, Ray quickly found that implementing it is not and today, more than ever, businesses are starved for resources and people are doing multiple jobs, often performing poorly and not using their strengths. 

Ray runs a program called Good Heart Leadership and he has five simple principles that he teaches in the no collar transformation. Today, he explains what these principles are and he also talks about how to engage with people authentically and in a way that actually makes them want to reciprocate. Listen in now, to find out what Ray has to share with you.

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