Patti Cotton – Leader & Diplomat

Patti Cotton, Founder and CEO of Cotton Group, LLC, is a sought-after leader and strategist whose background includes more than 25 years of multi-cultural leadership experience around the globe, in the areas of diplomatic relations, philanthropy, public relations, and communications.

As a diplomat, she and her spouse engaged with leaders across the world to foster international relations.

As chief development officer for Loma Linda University Medical Center’s five-hospital healthcare system, Patti designed the strategy and built and led a team to the successful completion of multiple campaign initiatives, raising a record $21.3 million within a short window of time. It was, in the estimation of many, an unreachable goal.

As an executive consultant and coach, trainer, international Fortune 500 speaker, and author, Patti brings this wealth of experience to her executive consulting clients, to the corporate teams she develops, and to the audiences she effectively engages as a speaker.

Through her signature 360˚Leadership brand, Patti works with executives, business owners, and other chief decision-makers to engage, elevate, and equip them for greater leadership and outcomes. She also provides training, facilitation, workshops, and retreats in such areas as actionable strategic planning; critical communications and conflict management; taking purpose to make impact; breaking through immunities to change; and other leadership-related topics.

Patti is a guest lecturer at select universities on conflict management, leadership, organizational development, and advanced coaching methodologies; and a mediator for the state of California. She is a monthly contributor to “Women, Money, and Mindset” for the Press-Enterprise’s Business column, and has been recognized by Inland Empire magazine as one of the most influential women in the region.

As an active community volunteer and board member, Patti supports initiatives that promote the health and welfare of women and children, including helping women business owners grow and sustain their businesses. A percentage of profit is donated to supporting alternatives to domestic violence. Patti is a three-time recipient of The U.S. President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Service.

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