Magical Manifestations in Miami

So, I quickly checked all of my rewards cards and was thrilled to find out that I had another free week available through Hyatt. However, it was spring break, so my belief immediately went to, “That’s not possible”.

In this moment, I caught myself.

I recognized this thought as a fleeting limiting belief – and I knew what to do with it. I immediately released that belief and went back to visualizing the three of us on the beach. The truth was, we only wanted to go if we could be on the beach.

After a little sleuthing, I found out that there was a hotel available ON THE BEACH in Miami. And, it got better. We booked four nights with points and got the 5th for FREE! And, they comped our resort fee, which meant they included our lovely padded beach chairs next to the pool w/an umbrella. OR, they would do the same… you guessed it… at the beach!

How does it get better than that?

Well, luckily there were flights available for less than $400 each, non-stop. This was a great price considering we were only one week out—so I booked them.

When we got to Miami, we were thrilled with the hotel! It was right on the beach, it had a heated (almost as warm as a hot tub!) pool, gorgeous rooms, etc— ALL FOR FREE!


One day, Tim was gazing at the cabanas (which run $250-$400/day depending on the season) and said, “We should get one while we are here”. I thought it sounded great, but I almost immediately forgot all about it.

The next day, we went down to the pool around 2pm.  All of the regular chairs were full.  Now, their policy in this situation is to put guests on a waiting list, which we were expecting.

Instead, the gentleman said, “We are out of pool chairs and we have a long waiting list. How would you like to be in a Cabana?”

We gave a resounding, “YES!”

Everything about this trip was amazing! So, how did all of this happen? What happened to us in Miami?

We manifested exactly what we wanted! And you can do the same thing! How can you do that?

Well, you have to start by living in Belief Zone. And there are 7 steps to getting there:

1. Clarify

What do you want? What do you REALLY desire? Sometimes your true desires are not what you immediately think! Before you can begin to manifest what you want, there must first be clarity about what that is. To gain clarity, go through the One Great Goal exercise if you haven’t already. Once your desires become clear to you, you can begin to intentionally align your actions with exactly what you want!

One Great Goal Clarification Process.

2. Write

Once you know your One Great Goal, put it to paper. We can think all day about what we want to do. But it doesn’t become a real goal or a vision until we physically write it down.Now, this is important: When I say WRITE something down, I mean just that – use an actual pen and paper!Get this: 99% of goals that are written down come to fruition, yet 85% of people don’t write down their goals! You can increase your productivity significantly simply by being in the 15% that writes down their goals!Then…

3. Sync Your Thoughts With Your Desires

Take a mental step back and notice: What are your thought patterns like in regard to your One Great Goal? Are they positive or are they negative?Meaning, are you saying to yourself, “I’m NOT going to do ‘XYZ’ thing?” Or are you saying, “I am going to do this thing instead?”Because there is a HUGE difference there!

See, your mind doesn’t work in negatives. We cannot tell our minds what NOT to do. We can unintentionally advance toward the thing that we don’t want – simply because that is what we’re thinking about! For instance, if I tell you not to think of a pink elephant, what comes to mind? A pink elephant! So how do we get rid of the image of a pink elephant? We replace it with something else. A green leopard, perhaps. See? Now the elephant is gone!

So it is with our goals. What DO you want? Think about THOSE things!

4. Shift Your Limiting Beliefs

I’ve said it before: Change your beliefs and you change everything. Everything.Because you see, everything you do is rooted in a belief, whether limiting or empowering. And the good news is that we have the ability to be intentional about those thoughts! So if you aren’t where you truly desire to be, then you probably have a limiting belief. What is it?When you locate and identify your limiting beliefs, you can then release them – and that’s when things start happening! Your beliefs activate the Law of Attraction – so what do you want to attract?

5. Act

As soon as you know what you want, you’ve released your limiting beliefs, and you’ve made the decision, take action toward those goals! I booked the hotel when we decided we were going – THEN I booked the flights.When you decide that you’re going to do something, go all in, and act as though you’ve already accomplished what you’ve decided! The first step that you take toward your goal is huge – it moves away other options and obstacles because you’ve demonstrated that you’re moving ahead.

6. Know

When you act on a belief, just watch. You’ll get confirmation that it is the right thing for you to do. You’ll know that you know that you’re on the right track and you’ve made the right decision.

7. Create

By now you have all the tools. You are living in the Belief Zone. All that’s left is to create exactly what it is that you have gained clarity on, written down, synced your thoughts with, released limiting beliefs about, acted on, and had confirmation that it’s the right thing to do.

Now, you just do it. 

What is it for you? Where are you at? Do you know what you want but you struggle with limiting beliefs? Are your beliefs in line, but you need to take the first step toward action? Whatever the next step is for you, stay in the Belief Zone and watch: you’ll manifest everything that you desire.

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