Should You Sell To Your Friends?

Salespeople: Let me ask you a question. Have you ever told your friends that you “will not impose” yourself and your sales career on them? Does saying that to them make you feel altruistic, like you’re protecting them from something? Or that you are taking care of them by not selling to them?

Today I want to challenge this idea. I submit to you that in most cases, you are the MOST qualified to sell to your friends and you are the MOST qualified to take care of your friends – because you are friends.

Let me explain.

On my latest podcast, I interviewed David Schwandt, whose industry is finance. He has several degrees, licenses, and certifications behind his name, and he is well known for his knowledge and speciality. We discussed his limiting beliefs as he was getting started, strategies for networking and follow up, as well as his top tips for people starting out in sales. He shares so much wisdom from his years of experience in sales and finance – you don’t want to miss his show!

During our interview, he shared a story – one that I believe deserves to be highlighted.

David was out to breakfast with a friend he knew to be well off. While asking how David’s work was going, the friend asked him, “Why have you never asked about working with me?”

Feeling confident and protective of his friend, he replied, “I will not impose myself on my friends.”

Well, David’s friend replied, “That’s ridiculous! Who better to look out for your friend’s best interests than you?”

Whoa. Who better, indeed!

Now, would you say you have this limiting belief? That somehow sales is going to damage our relationships, or that we need to protect our friends from ourselves? Doesn’t it seem silly that, if we have a product or service of value, that we “protect” our friends from acquiring it?

Now I realize that this may or may not apply to you. Your friends may not be your target clients, and that’s ok. Yet it applies to a whole lot of industries and specialities. Ask yourself: can my business help my friends?

If the answer is yes, and you haven’t scheduled that appointment yet, what are you waiting for? Selling isn’t telling – it’s asking questions. And in response to those questions, it’s meeting a genuine need! Sales is service!

And of all the people in your friend’s lives, who better to help take care of their needs than you?

I encourage you to examine this limiting belief about friends and clients. Shift those beliefs NOW – and watch big things start to happen.

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