Cold Calling is Dead – How to Be Successful at Cold Calling

Cold calling has a bad rap. Many businesses are hesitant to use it as an outreach method, believing it is too invasive and outdated. But while cold calling does require more effort than simply sending out emails or private messages, the truth is that it can be an effective tool for closing deals and connecting with potential customers. Let’s look at what cold calling is, why it gets such a bad rap, and how you can utilize it to grow your business. 

What Is Cold Calling? 

Cold calling is the process of reaching out to prospective clients by phone who (you believe) would be an excellent fit for your services. Because cold calls are unsolicited, they often have a negative connotation; many people find them intrusive and annoying. However, when done correctly, they can be an effective way to reach out to new clients and generate leads for your business.  Some of our clients love cold calling and use it very effectively. In fact, one of our clients utilized our sales script and received a message back from their prospective client saying, “that was the best email I’ve ever received and we’d love to meet with you!”. 

Benefits of Cold Calling – How Can It Help You Close More Deals? 

The main benefit of cold calling is that it allows you to take control of your sales process and reach out directly to prospective clients who may have yet to be exposed to your company. By engaging with prospects on the phone, you can build relationships and gain insight into their needs to see if you can help them. Additionally, because these conversations are occurring over the phone rather than through digital communication channels like email or social media, you’ll have the opportunity to make an immediate impression on the client.

Crafting an Effective Script for Your Cold Calls 

To maximize your effectiveness, writing a compelling script for your cold calls is essential. When crafting your script, consider including information about who you are and what makes your company unique so that prospective clients know why they should work with you. In addition, it is very important to share the problem that you solve for your clients and add a recent success story. That allows the prospective client to immediately discern whether or not they would like that same outcome. Finally, make sure to leave room for open-ended questions so that you can engage in meaningful dialogue with prospects rather than simply relying on a canned sales pitch. 

What to Include in Your Sales Script for Cold Calls

  • An Introduction – who you are and why you’re calling.
  • The Main Point – what problem your product or service solves.
  • A Success Story – how your product or service solved someone else’s problem.
  • A Call to Action – what you want your potential customer to do next (meet with you at another time).
  • Set up the Appointment- give them times you are available to meet.
  • Once the appointment is set, get off the phone and send a calendar invite. If they begin asking you questions, simply say, “Those are great questions and I guarantee you will have more before we meet. Please write them down and I will cover all of them during our time together!”.

Cold calling remains one of the most powerful tools in any business’s arsenal for generating leads and closing deals quickly. While there is undoubtedly some stigma surrounding this practice, when done correctly, cold calling offers numerous benefits such as direct access to prospective clients, improved understanding of client needs, higher conversion rates due to personal engagement opportunities, etc… By taking the time upfront to craft an effective script as well as role playing before making actual calls, businesses can ensure they can maximize each call.

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