Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work with Jody Weinberg

“Now is the time to be reaching out to your customers.”

— Ursula Mentjes (02:27-02:29)


Some people in the business world see cold calling as a stumbling block while others perceive it as a stepping stone. Was there a moment when you doubled your sales for the first time, or you got enough clients? What did you believe about cold calling and selling at that point? It’s time to smash some myths so you can step out of your limiting belief. In this week’s episode, Ursula Mentjes talks about the cold calling techniques that work for her special guest, Jodi Weinberg. 

Jody Weinberg is the founder and CEO of J. Teleconnections, a company that generates leads and sets appointments for B2B professional services.

Part One of ‘Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work with Jody Weinberg’

Is it fun to pick up the phone and call? Not really! But is it fun to see your clients winning? Absolutely. Even though technology has changed a lot, many successful sales still happen through a simple telephone call without any video at all. There are many tools out there where you can find things about a person, and they do answer once you call them. You’ve got to be very savvy and professional instead of being just a typical telemarketing operation.

“Be positive. Don’t stop making the calls.” — Ursula Mentjes (21:32-21:34)

Some people out there think that regular cold calling is dead, and nobody does cold calling anymore because that’s a thing of the past. In fact, if you’re not using technology, you’re falling behind the times. The truth is, businesses could ultimately be winning a lot more accounts if they knew and understood the art of calling. It’s about capturing their interest, getting them intrigued enough, and qualifying them to make sure that nobody’s time is being wasted.

Part Two of ‘Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work with Jody Weinberg’

The truth is not so many people are picking up the phones. And some companies even have to do a blast or drip marketing for a couple of clients to see who’s interested out there. Typically, they are getting a forty percent open rate from our e-mails. But the thing is, you can’t hide behind those. You still have to pick up the phone and dial.

“It’s all about being professionally persistent.” —  Jody Weinberg (24:40-24:42)

You can’t stop prospecting even during the pandemic. Cold calling is about prospecting and making appointments. Work closely to create a process with your customers. You don’t want a bunch of people hanging up on you for sure, but you have to remain professionally persistent. Stay intentional and focused because there’s never just one person that makes the decision.

If you want to work with someone with over twenty years of experience in getting clients sales meetings with hard to reach decision-makers and increase your gross revenue, you may contact Jody Weinberg.

About Jody Weinberg

Jody packs a punch with her business success striving for a 100% customer satisfaction rate. As Founder/CEO of J. Teleconnections, her team excels at setting High Level, Qualified Sales Appointments with Decision Makers for B2B Professional Services.   Jody is a dynamic speaker and award-winning for DECA and Toastmasters. J. Teleconnections knows how to get through to the decision-maker.  

For over 28 years, J. Teleconnections has built a reputation as an “extremely unique, a boutique shop that does what they say.”  They connect people and gain intelligence. They have a proven track record for setting solid meetings, with decision-makers, that are qualified.  J. Teleconnections clients have experienced 40-700% ROI (Return on Investment). The staff only mature, seasoned callers. 

Jody was born and raised in Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota before venturing into the working world. 

She and her staff open doors for Medium and Enterprise Companies; doors to Calvin Klein, personally, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Citigroup, and many International Law Firms, to name a few. They have also been involved in fundraising for the Paul Adelman Children for Charities Annual Golf Tournament and Children’s Hospital, Haiti Outreach, PSA (Professional Sales Assn), and more. 

They have proven to increase sales for their clients.

About Ursula Mentjes

Ursula Mentjes is the founder of Sales Coach Now, as well as a Sales Expert, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Certified Sales Coach who specializes in NLP to help her clients double and triple their sales. Sales Coach Now delivers a unique approach to sales training and coaching designed for ultimate retention and achievement. 

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