Join Award Winning Author + Sales Expert Ursula Mentjes and her guests as they share exactly what they did to grow their business exponentially and how to experience more freedom, joy and peace in your business and in your life.

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How UpLevel Now Became a USA Today Bestseller

Today I’m excited to share my manifesting tips and the steps I follow in order to create the next thing that is my heart’s desire; such as my latest book “UpLevel Now” becoming a USA Today, best seller. I think so often we hear statements being made about manifesting, or the law of attraction, and there are some pieces that need…

Untangling Your Resistance Through Money Manifestation and Releasing Your Blockages NOW!

After almost three years of severe depression, my guest Kelsey Aida called out to the universe… “… If I cannot feel better I do not want to be here — Please Help Me!!” After speaking her painful truth out into the universe, of course, the answers came — and help was provided in the necessary support required…

High Energy Money with Cynthia Sue Larson

Today we are talking with an incredible guest, Cynthia Sue Larson of Reality Shifters, about high energy money. What is high energy money? It is a state of being that allows more money to come into our lives right NOW. Early on in life we naturally gravitated toward this kind of energy and then somewhere along…

Don’t HIRE Influencers – Be The INFLUENCE with Better Video Marketing

People want story; it is the universal piece that connects us all. We want to know where someone comes from, who they came into contact with along the way and what their experience was on their journey. Starting out small with connections made through her kids’ auditions, my guest Ali Barr found herself surrounded by stories when she…

Reaching Your Highest Potential with Lynnsey Robinson

If what you are trying or doing either in business or your personal life is not energetically in alignment with your core being, it can be really challenging to manifest your desires. Limiting beliefs are not something we can easily see ourselves,  and they only work to hold us back from trying anything new for fear of failure or embarrassment. What if…

Use Your Enneagram Type Understanding to Increase Your Leadership Impact

As a society, we have not been raised to handle emotions well and unfortunately have been taught to keep them out of the workplace environment entirely. Enter the Enneagram… What is it? A system that describes our human personality as several interconnected personality types each with their own set of potential strengths and weaknesses. The goal of this…

Making Your First Million as a Product-Based Entrepreneur

Money is hard to make … Or, is it? Where did this belief come from? …and what would our lives look like if we could operate outside of that belief? This is where the story of my guest Maureen Mwangi began. Growing up in an entrepreneurial home where daily hustle was the reality she watched her parents struggle to find continued growth and success, especially…

Quantum Networking: Grow Your Business at Record Speed

In the housing market crash of 2011, my guest Chas Wilson started his networking company “Master Networks”. It was at this time he saw an opportunity to take the usual service of bartering and business support to a deeper level. Ideally, making networking more relational and less transactional. With barely enough to scrape by and family of 7 to…

How To Turn Questions Into Portals Of Possibility And Profit

Ursula’s Takeaways:Intro (00:00)I Was Terrified (8:28)Money Was The Root Of All Evil (11:25)Safety Net Of Income (15:30)Key Practices (21:34)So Many Shiny Objects (26:29) About Chanti Zak Chanti is the creator of The Empathy Marketing Ecosystem, she’s a quiz funnel strategist, growth consultant and coach that’s obsessed with psychology, interactive marketing, and getting brag-worthy results for…

The Pinnacle of Success is a Good Exit Strategy

Ursula’s Takeaways:Intro (00:00)My Catalyst (5:17)Exit Strategy (11:03)The Downside (14:11)Complete Rewrite (19:45)  About Janise Graham Janise is a speaker, author, President of Small Business Style, Inc., and Entrepreneur’s Insurance Services. She is driven to help business owners and entrepreneurs better understand the nuances of long-term business succession planning to protect the future of their families, businesses,…

Perfectionism Pivots And Perseverance: Running A Bricks And Mortar Retail Store During A Global Pandemic

Buying a business is like buying a new house… …you have a vision and dream that comes to life along with new owner energy! That is exactly where my guest this week, Lilin Gabriel, and her husband were shortly before the global pandemic hit. And when the pandemic arrived, fear rolled in. Fear that carried with…

Using Story to Cultivate Character, Unleash Potential, and Expand Impact and Income

We have used stories since the beginning of time to teach, educate, sell and entertain. It is what attunes us quickly to each other. So whether we are trying to help someone in a therapeutic setting, as a teacher in a classroom trying to capture the attention of the kids, or selling someone else on…

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