Join Award Winning Author + Sales Expert Ursula Mentjes and her guests as they share exactly what they did to grow their business exponentially and how to experience more freedom, joy and peace in your business and in your life.

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Selling with Intention for Quantum Revenue Expansion: Part 2 | QRE188

Last week on the Quantum Revenue Expansion Podcast we looked at getting clear on our purpose, changing our money mindset and how that can lead to quantum expansion in our business.  This week, we dive into part 2 of Selling with Intention for Quantum Revenue Expansion and take a closer look at how selling from a service mindset is where true quantum growth begins to happen. Now, you may be…

Selling with Intention for Quantum Revenue Expansion, Part 1

The truth is money is just a form of energy, it’s a resource, a tool.  Yet in our society and for sure, in Western culture, we develop a lot of negative stories about money that often aren’t true and can stop money from flowing to us. These stories then become limiting beliefs about money AND selling that can get in our way when it comes to closing sales…

How to Add 100,000 or More in Annual Revenue with Google My Business

Today, I am joined by former teacher/coach turned lead generation, social media expert Michael Tritthart who in his free time chose to run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Crazy? I know, but once you get to know Michael you will see that challenges only propel him forward in business and life. Join us as he…

Designing a 6 or 7 Figure Destiny

Why leave life to fate when you can design your own destiny?  This week’s guest, Amy Theisen, left the “safety” of the academic world to travel down the rabbit hole of Chinese Metaphysics.  After immersing herself, she soon found some of the most intense concepts that straddle both art and science and have allowed her to help her…

Networking with Intention for Quantum Revenue Growth!

Networking with intention requires us to be in alignment with ourselves and others we are connecting with. Amy Evans of “The AlignWomen” podcast and Facebook community joins me to talk all things manifestation, creating space in our business for growth and how networking with intention helps to create the relationships required for true success.            Ursula’s Takeaways:…

Leading with Authenticity to Create a Multi-6 or 7 Figure ++ Business

This week’s guest, Dr. Annie Mickelson, believes money is an abundant resource that is the byproduct of a service delivered. In order to receive more, we have to raise ourselves up to the frequency level that makes this possible. Today on the Quantum Revenue Expansion Podcast, we are talking about how we have to grow…

Money Loves a Plan! | QRE182

Everyone’s path is different and each entrepreneurial journey is unique. Having said that, what is true for all of us is; money is energy, money loves a plan and it wants to be told where to go.  And, it wants to show up for you.  As much as you’d like. You see, money doesn’t care about…

TED-Style Talk to Create Impact, Authority, Fame & Fortune

How do you know if you have a TEDx worthy idea? Do you have to be a professional speaker to get on stage? Will it help in the growth of your business? These are all valid questions answered in today’s episode. Listen in as Roger Killen, co-founder and producer of TEDxStanleyPark, joins Ursula to talk…

Successful Dynamics of a Family Run Business

Working with family is not always easy, but it can be very rewarding for some lucky folks! On this episode, Ursula is joined by mom and daughter team, Sara and Kimberly Hanlon, co-founders and co-CEOs of MoreLaw Minneapolis; a coworking community for legal professionals in the Twin Cities. Listen in as they share their wisdom on…

Nurture Marketing Secrets to Skyrocket Your Revenue

Success works best when we surround ourselves with the right support and set boundaries for ourselves along the way. This not only protects our physical and mental health, but our time as well. Tamika Auwai CEO of Orisha Creative and creator of The Nurture Matrix™, joins Ursula today to share her story of growth in…

How to Build a Multi-6 or 7 Figure Business Off The Grid

Have you ever thought about real freedom and what that actually looks like? Today’s guest Michelle Abraham doesn’t just speak about a freedom lifestyle; she actually lives it. Her daily life is spent off the grid on a lake, taking her kids to the school bus by boat while running her 100% online business of…

Baghdad Underground Railroad

There are a lot of incredible people doing some amazing things in the world and our guest this week; Steve Miska is one of those people, so it seemed appropriate to invite him back  the week of Independence Day (definitely take a listen to the last time he was on—click here.. In his book “Baghdad Underground…

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