Your Relationship With Money

“Money is the root of all evil” is quoted over and over again in an effort to encourage what some may call a “poverty mindset.” Somehow, the fact that money is evil means that the less of it that you have, the better off you’ll be… because money is somehow evil, negative, or wrong. And we shouldn’t talk about it lest we offend someone.

Have you ever met someone that was barely making ends meet whose life you deeply desired to emulate? Were they really – truly – happier? Now, I’m absolutely not here to suggest that money is the key to all happiness, because there are way too many intangibles in life that carry no price tag.

But big picture wise, would you rather have enough and more, or barely scrape by?

Most everyone would say they would rather have enough and more!

I think you should make as much money as you want to make. Money is simply energy – nothing more. It amoral – it cannot be inherently good or bad. And there is a lot of good that can be done with it.

Look back. What has your relationship been with money? Did you design the life you wanted, then determine how much you’d need to make in order to make that a reality?

Or did you make your reality around how much you thought you could make?  

There is a huge distinction there, and most people fit their life and dreams within the money they currently make.

Try this. Take out a sheet of paper. I mean good old fashioned pen and paper – not a note taking app on the phone. Write out everything you want out of life. Everything. What kind of car would you drive?

Would you have land in the country or live in the city?
Would you travel?
Give to causes that are important to you?
Privately educate your children?
Save for the future?
Create a financial legacy for your children?

What do you want out of your life?

Now, put dollar signs next to each of those.

Now, that’s a bit different than taking your monthly income and fitting what you can into a paycheck isn’t it?

I love sales because it offers anyone – no matter their trade or business – the ability to design whatever type of life they want.

Because you see, at the end of the day, sales is about service. The evidence that you’ve served more people is ultimately shown in how high your sales go. It means that you are taking care of people in a way that they needed!

It’s time to change the way a lot of us see money. We can accomplish incredible things with it – make as much as you want!

My latest podcast with Nicole-Lewis Keeber is all about how we relate with money. Check out her incredible story and words of wisdom here!

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