Why You Must Begin with Clarity to Reach Your Goals

On the Double Your Sales Now podcast, I teach you how to double your sales revenues in as short as two months! In this episode, Nea Clare and I talk about why you must begin with clarity to reach your goals.


Nea Clare is an Activation Coach and Spiritual Teacher, who helps her clients connect to their Divine Nature and creative power to design a life they love.  When you know who you really are, you begin to understand what you are capable of, and you find the willingness to do it. At the root of the work is the power of clarity, because with clarity comes the willingness for action.


Key areas we covered in this episode:


  • How can we deepen spiritual awareness to stay energetically, emotionally, and mentally afloat in a time that feels tumultuous for many people? 


  • What are the “gifts” of this pandemic? (We all know the pains of the pandemic. Let’s talk about something good!) 


  • How can the movie, “The Grinch” and “The Whos” relate to where the world is RIGHT NOW?


  • How to build a business from a place of vulnerability? Instead of looking outward for answers, come from within to find peace, ease, and presence (even if you feel you are in the middle of a lot of chaos).


  • How to find ways to come back to the things that connect us and make us human. Learn how to hold that space with less distraction.


  • How to hit exponential growth in your business in 2021? People have an idea of where they should be but, they are trying to start there rather than where they actually are. Get clarity with what’s going on right here and right now.


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