The One Belief You Need To Change To Get Started NOW

I once heard a successful businessman call it sharpening pencils: Getting ready to get ready to get ready to succeed. In other words, an otherwise capable business person who is stuck in “preparation mode” – usually because they think everything needs to be perfectly set before they can pursue success.

In reality, rather than spending their time actually running their business, they spend their time ruminating over the limiting belief that they just aren’t ready to move forward yet.

Can you relate to this? You’re waiting to move forward in your business until…… until what?

  • Your website is perfect?
  • You have all the answers to all possible questions you may field?
  • You have researched every nook and cranny of the details of your industry?
  • You have a certain number of prospects to contact?
  • You have advertised a certain amount of time?

I ask you: Where did we get the idea that we need to be perfect in our trade before we can serve anyone in it? Think about it. When you meet a professional, do you expect perfectionism out of them? Most people would say no! Professionalism is to be expected, but professionalism and perfectionism are not synonyms!

To be an expert in a field, you really only need to be one step ahead of your clients, and chances are good that you are actually 20 steps ahead of them, and you  don’t even realize it!

Consider this: Done is better than perfect. Meaning it’s far more favorable to be doing something than waiting for perfection!

Consider this: When you are making calls to your clients, they are generally thinking about themselves and their needs. Now hear me – this is not to say that people are always horrible and selfish! It just means that people can only think about one thing at a time. And they are usually NOT thinking about what your insecurities are, whether or not you have all the answers, and they are not secretly looking to trip you up! They just want to know if you will help them to meet a need in their life – AND YOU CAN!

Furthermore, what is the worst thing that can happen if a prospect asks you a question that you don’t know the answer to?

Well when this situation comes up, the best thing to say is “Actually I’ve never had that question! I will need to look that up for you!”

Now, what does a response like this do for you? It makes you humble, approachable and human! It helps you connect with your prospect while at the same time giving you an opportunity to expand your knowledge in your industry. A question from a prospect that you don’t have an answer to is a blessing in so many ways – because that is how we connect as well as learn!

This was a game changing realization for my latest podcast guest, Darren Dobier. Co-owner of DIRO Outdoors, he and his wife have experienced huge success in their revolutionary outdoor adventuring business concept in the Twin Cities. He shares the way they shifted the direction of their business, and the success they have had as a result. He has a special offer for our podcast listeners at the end – you do not want to miss his show!

Are you ready to be done “sharpening pencils?” Because it’s time! You’re already the expert – and your clients are waiting for you.

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