The Limitless Potential of 2021 And How YOU Can Make $83,000 / Month




2020 taught us a lot. We learned lessons we didn’t necessarily want to learn! But the truth is that success comes when we operate outside our comfort zone. And last year was definitely uncomfortable! 


When we stretch, we succeed. We sometimes don’t get creative until we are forced to – and 2020 forced us to pivot, adjust, adapt, and persevere! Many businesses had to learn to operate their businesses on a virtual platform, adjust to accommodate social distancing requirements, network in creative ways, and work from home. 


We did all those things – and it was hard. But we grew. That process expanded our thinking, got us out of our comfort zones, and tested us.


And we are just about on the other side of it. So what does that mean? 


It means that the creative ways that we stretched in our businesses last year have set the stage for phenomenal growth this year! 


It’s all there waiting for YOU. So how can you take advantage of that?


I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the years. And I can tell you that too many business owners are in the business of self-sabotage. They have all the potential in the world – and their own limiting beliefs stop them artificially. And many times they don’t even see it! 


Now is the time – like never before – to address your limiting beliefs and LevelUp. Because the market is ripe with opportunity, optimism is on the rise, people are getting out and making purchases, and the economy is stabilizing again. 


So let’s dive into your growth! What is your stretch goal for your sales in 2021? Do you have one? I’ve found that everyone has a number in mind that they believe is their maximum. And many times that limit is subconscious. At some point in their business, they reach an income ceiling. 


And it is here that they meet their limiting beliefs. 


So let’s think big. Can you have a million-dollar year? When you break it down, that comes to $83,000 per month. Can you see yourself doing an $83,000 month in sales?


If not, why not? What’s keeping you from believing that you can achieve that? Why not you? 


I find that most of the time, limiting beliefs that relate to money have to do with some element of self-doubt. For example:


  • I don’t deserve to make that much money
  • I’m not capable of making that much
  • There aren’t enough people to buy from me to make that much money
  • There aren’t enough of my target clients to reach that goal


Do any of these resonate? These are limiting beliefs that business owners ultimately have about THEMSELVES – not their business! Instead, replace those beliefs with:


  • I DO deserve to make that much money – and more!
  • I can think creatively and come up with a million dollar a year plan for my business!
  • The market is more ready for me than it’s ever been!
  • I have plenty of target clients that will come to me because I meet a need in their life and solve a problem for them.


What do you need to do to reach $83,000 a month? Increase your pricing? Get more support? Delegate? Change your packages? Do you need to focus again on your target client and find a narrower market to connect with? 


After you’ve reworked your structure a bit, just work the numbers! How many sales do you need to make in order to reach $83,000 in a month? To reach that number of sales, how many appointments do you need to make? Break down the numbers, fit them into your schedule, and watch your sales LevelUp in a huge way this year!

You spent this last year learning new ways to do business, and your sales arsenal is the biggest it’s ever been! The potential for growth has never been better – what is stopping you?

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