The Fastest Way To Double Your Sales

From time to time, people will ask me: What’s the fastest way to double my sales?

Usually, after taking a look at their products, sales staff, and numbers, my answer surprises them:

That’s easy! Just double your prices!

Usually, this response is met with a dumbfounded and rather shocked look, followed by a pause as they wait for me to give them Plan B for doubling their sales.

But in reality, Plan A is sometimes the best one to start with! Why is it so hard for salespeople to increase their prices?

Usually, they say that they don’t think clients will pay that amount for their product or service. But I ask them to consider: Why? Upon digging a little deeper, we usually find a common limiting belief. Salespeople usually know that prospects will spend that much for services – just not from them.

And there we have it. The salesperson does not value themselves enough to charge what they are worth. And that is the FIRST thing that needs to change when a salesperson wants to double and triple their sales!

I have worked with numerous clients who have taken the leap and doubled their prices. Rarely is this ever done with a great amount of confidence at first. It is usually approached with a bit of timidity and self-consciousness. But that changes quickly when they realize this:

They see how much their clients VALUE them and their product or service!

And suddenly, that salesperson realizes that they have something tangible to bring to their clients! They start to realize that they can help people, and their view of sales begins to shift.

I’ve always told salespeople: YOU are the answer to someone’s prayers!

Plus, consider this: What will happen in YOU when you double your prices? Well, YOU begin to perform at your highest level. You yourself begin to see the value you bring, and you realize that your time and skills and products are worth it. And subconsciously or consciously, you up your game!

By the way, forget your bank account for a second – what does that do your self-esteem? Realizing that you’re truly using your natural talents and gifts to serve clients that need what you have to offer is a huge confidence booster! What an intangible benefit to the salesperson!

You see, we tend to undervalue those things in us that we see as easy or natural, and in sales, most sales professionals are working in areas of natural strengths. We can get trapped into thinking that everyone must be able to do what we do because, the way that we see it, those things are simple. We think: Who would pay for something that’s so basic?


What makes you unique and wonderful in your sales and business does not come easily for everyone – and what’s easy to you is someone else’s pain point. For instance:

  • Are you a writer? Not everyone can write!
  • Are you a coach? Not everyone can work well with people!
  • Are you a designer? Not everyone can see with your artistic eye!
  • Are you a photographer? Not everyone knows how to use a camera like you do!
  • Are you in direct sales? Not everyone has the product line or business opportunity that you do!

My last podcast guest was the incredible Sarah Becker. She has an incredibly successful background in both corporate and private business. She so eloquently explains – among other amazing bits of wisdom – the value of valuing yourself and your uniqueness in your sales career. You do NOT want to miss her show!

What comes naturally for you? Do that – and don’t be ashamed to charge for it! You are worth it – both to your clients and to yourself.

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