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Ana-La-Rai is a Pure Source Channel who has dedicated her life to guiding and uplifting others on their spiritual journeys. She is a beacon of light in the realm of energy work and spiritual transformation since 2015, and her commitment to growth allows her to align with her mission and guide others with integrity.

As a Universal Channel, her abilities magnify energies that invite others to rise to their highest potentials and provide clients with deep insights and guidance that align with their soul’s highest self, bridging the gap between the spiritual and physical. She skillfully taps into the purest streams of clear, direct Source energy and utilizes all clair senses to facilitate deep healing and growth for those who work with her.

With a profound connection to universal energies, Ana-La-Rai has channeled over 70 Beings of Light and Collectives, bringing forth the highest frequencies and processes essential for the evolution of individuals and the planet through over 4000 transformational sessions.

Ana-La-Rai is more than a spiritual guide; she is a catalyst for profound changes and a conduit for the purest frequencies of Love and Light. Her work through Sparkles of Love opens new energetic pathways to the next layers of being, elevating the collective consciousness and guiding individuals to align with their true soul essence.

Ana-La-Rai’s Gift to You

Imagine if you never had to open or clear your chakras again… Imagine if you could receive more Source light daily… Imagine the possibilities with a fully functioning Advanced Chakra system, constantly clear intuition and a stronger connection with your Higher Self…

Sparkles of Love is excited to share the first chakra recording, the sacral, with you to begin you on your journey of Advanced Chakras and higher frequencies. Click here to learn more and receive your gift.

Here is the link to the gift:

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