Social Media and Sales

The way that we do sales business has changed more in the last ten years than the entire last century.

Think about it.

Smart phones became popular only eleven years ago. Eleven! Today, we use them for nearly everything from banking to entertainment. Facebook was invented only fourteen years ago – and now one sixth of the earth’s population utilizes it! A billion people are on Facebook. That is no small feat.

And changes like these have affected sales, marketing, and business in a historic way.

I read recently that due to the speed at which things are changing, there is not a single university in the country that has a marketing program that is up to date with current marketing trends. Not one! They can’t – because even if they wanted to develop a program, much of it would likely be outdated by the time a student graduated.

Things change that fast.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m certainly not trying to discredit the value of college. I only mean to illustrate that it’s a new world out there! And we need to keep up with it!

For those of us in sales, many of these societal and technological changes have led to tremendous success as we learn how to leverage and use this “new” technology. Social media, as new to the market as it is, has been at the crux of a lot of social change. Celebrities, politicians, businesses, and individuals are utilizing it in ways that we could not have predicted even a few years ago.

Today, social media stands as the top marketing tool for the vast majority of businesses. Their online presence, both through social media and website activity, is how they become known! A salesperson’s web presence matters a great deal!

Is your business on social media? Are you feeling a little in the dark about how to use it well? Or have you got a good hold on what it can do for you? Either way, there is always something new to learn about how to effectively reach your target market – especially with how fast things change today!

This is just one of many topics I discussed on my latest podcast with Kim Somers Egelsee. She’s a dear friend and someone I admire as a very successful business woman. Her speciality is life coaching and confidence building and she shares a wealth of wisdom and sales tips with me in this episode.

One of her strengths is using social media for her business. Her expertise in confidence and self-improvement has meshed beautifully with the way that she utilizes social media for her business. The good news? It’s much simpler than it sounds. You do not want to miss this episode!

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