Small Mindset Shifts that Give Big Sales Results!

Imagine that I have just handed you a magic wand that will allow you to manifest exactly the amount of sales you want to create this month. Is it $10,000? $50,000? $100,000? $500,000? More? Whatever the number might be, imagine that using your magic wand could double it, without utilizing any more effort. Wave the wand, it’s done!

How easy was that?

And yet, I constantly hear from people say they simply aren’t reaching the amount of sales they desire. They are working hard, really hard, but it’s just not happening, Why not?

Perhaps they just need a small mindset shift. Not a big one, just a small one!

A few weeks ago I was speaking at a conference in Anaheim. It was a wonderful, enthusiastic group and they were actively engaged in everything I was sharing regarding Selling with Intention. I could feel their excitement about what was possible for their sales as they visualized larger numbers than they had ever dreamed possible.

After I spoke, I was connecting with the attendees as I signed the books they had just purchased. As we connected, one attendee smiled at me broadly and said, “I didn’t know it could be that easy!

“What?” I asked.

Tripling my sales” she said, almost breathless.

“Tell me more,” I prompted gently.

“Well, before I came here today I had never even considered the numbers that you had us write down today. I never even dreamed that tripling my sales was even possible. But once I wrote it down and you had us break it down by the month, I saw how possible it was. Thank you.”

I hugged her and thanked her for sharing. I also reminded her that it really can be that easy.

As I travel around the country speaking; I am so clear on my mission: To help entrepreneurs and sales professionals make a lot of money so they can live a great life and give back to the organizations they care about. And yet, they get stuck. They self-sabotage and ultimately don’t get the results they desire.

Through connections like this one, I am reminded that it is often small mindset shifts that make the biggest impact. Think about it. This woman attended ONE of my keynotes. I spoke for maybe sixty minutes. During those sixty minutes, I took the attendees through an exercise to help them look at what it would take to double or triple their sales. That exercise took maybe five minutes.

Her “ahamoment? It happened in an instant. In one moment, she realized that not only COULD she triple her sales, her mindset shift allowed her to believe it would be EASY.

So if it’s so easy to have a mindset shift, why doesn’t it happen for everyone that easily? In my experience, the following are the areas where I see people getting stuck the most:

  • They aren’t ready. Let’s face it, wanting to make a shift or change always sounds like a good idea. However, once we get into it, it might take us out of our comfort zone, and we don’t like that. So, we stay where we are.
  • They think it will be “too much work.” Once someone sets a major stretch goal, fear might kick in if they aren’t ready. The fear might say to them, “Yeah, great idea, but it means that you are going to have to work a lot harder.” So they stop.
  • They are happy where they are. Sometimes people make just enough to get by. I call it their financial set-point. People don’t realize they could actually make more money. Their subconscious has them stuck in making enough to pay the bills but not enough to save, take a vacation, etc., so they just keep bumping up against “just enough.”
  • They tuned me out. Yes, this happens! I see people at tables going through this exercise of doubling or tripling their sales, and they aren’t even willing to pick up a pen to try. They stare through me. They stare past me. But they are in so much resistance that they simply cannot get into action; nor do they want to. They have the attitude of, “This chick cannot teach me anything new, so why even listen?”

Let’s turn the tables! Perhaps you are one of those individuals who has been really “stuck“-maybe even in one of those areas mentioned above. I am going to share some easy ways for you to get “unstuck” and shift your mindset so you can double or triple your sales.

  • Shift the “not ready” mindset. “Now” is always the right time! Making a decision and acknowledging that you ARE ready is the fastest way to GET ready. You need to make the decision first and then the next step will reveal itself. Trust me, you ARE ready. Just choose your goal!
  • Shift the “too much work” mindset. Consider this: It might actually take LESS work to make more money. Renowned business mentor Bob Proctor once said that it is easier to make $50,000 per month than it is to make $50,000 per year. Why? Because when you stretch your sales goal, you see that there are other, more creative, ways to reach your goal. These ways are usually much easier. For example, you might partner with another company. Or, perhaps you will create a new package to sell or hire someone to help you-all ways that make it EASIER to reach your goal!
  • Shift the “happy where you are” mindset. Lately I feel like I live in the land of “that’s enough for me” or “why should I ask for more?” Entrepreneurs and sales professionals LOVE to give back to their favorite charities and to their families and they love to live a great life. So, is there ever REALLY enough money? No. You can always give more and dream more. Don’t be happy with where you are. Stretch and evolve! You might just be surprised at what happens next.
  • Shift the “closed mind” mindset. Here’s the lesson. If you are reading a book or attending a seminar and you find yourself turning out, it’s time to tune in. Usually when there’s something being taught that is outside of our comfort zone, our mind shuts down because our ego wants to keep us safe and not deal with change. Tune in, not out!

Now that you’ve made a small shift to your mindset, pick up your magic wand again. Tap it in the air and ask for whatever you want.

Then take the next step in front of you!

To your sales success,

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