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Safa is a visionary entrepreneur and subtle energy educator who understood early in her career that the unity with our divine nature was the true key to living an empowered life with a passion to be of service to humanity. She has devoted the last two decades to unlocking the mysteries of the subtle spheres both in the body and in the spaces in which we work and live.

Her pursuit has led her around the world to study with various masters of subtle energy from Asia. She has also been blessed to receive energetic transmissions from some from master to student that awaken the pranic life-force within so that she can help others do the same. When prana is stronger in a person their self-healing capabilities are stronger and there is more energy to take positive action in the world.

Wanting to deepen her understanding from a shamanic perspective Safa spent time living in the Peruvian Amazon, apprenticing with the Shipibo/Conibo tribe in the healing modalities of plant medicines. After receiving acknowledgement of her skills by her maestro, she and her husband ran a plant medicine centre in Peru, serving guests from all over the world. Knowing that the environment in which we exist is just as crucial, Safa also certified with Marie Diamond in the art of traditional compass Feng Shui.

During these two decades, Safa has performed thousands of energy medicine sessions, educated students in the art of energy healing personally and in retreats. She holds a unique lens that blends eastern disciplines, shamanism, and an understanding of the western mind and its challenges.

Safa currently provides private energetic healing sessions and energy healing education both private and paid courses to clients online. She also has taught week long immersive retreats so students can leave with the ability to begin their own practice. She also offers Feng Shui consultations with the option to combine shamanic home energy clearings which many consultants don’t have the skills to perform. She also offers specific services to align the energies in home and office such as aligning the front door to specific frequencies for success. For those interested in plant medicine she is often invited to serve as the healers for plant medicine retreats in Peru and Costa Rica. Finally Safa also delves into modern technologies that support well being such as frequency medicine, cleansing and stem cell activation which she shares on her website.

Safa’s clients have stated that they have helped to bring their businesses back from the grave and have seen income doubled within six months with corrections she has suggested. She has also helped clients to go from being debilitated and wheelchair bound to hiking mountains in a one year period. Energy alignment can produce incredible results with dedication!

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Feeling Drained by Daily Demands? Rejuvenate with Safas Online Meridian Energy Sessions

Are the demands of daily life leaving you feeling stressed and unbalanced? Your 60-minute personal online session with Safa will focus on energy alignment techniques such as meridian and organ clearing that enhance energy flow and emotional wellness. These scientifically-rooted practices restore your body’s harmony and energy, with personalized suggestions to help maintain your wellness amid daily pressures. Conveniently accessible from anywhere, these sessions are designed to fit into your busy schedule.

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Safa has a free online manifestation course using the principles of Feng Shui and personal energy directions for success. It is listed under the ‘free class’ section:

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