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Most people quickly understand the skills of sales. They can easily overcoming objections. They catch on to the idea of having an authentic sales conversation. They understand selling with intention, and they can implement these ideas quickly.

But when it comes to talking about money, people freeze. In the brief moment where they are faced with telling their prospect what they charge, all of their limiting beliefs surface – and they struggle to move the conversation forward.

In that moment, they think that sales is hard.

Why are we so scared to talk about money? Why are we afraid to tell prospects what we charge? Money is simply an amoral object – it cannot be inherently good or bad! And yet some sales people shy away from discussing numbers and the value of a product or service!

The fear of telling a prospect what a product or service costs is usually rooted in one or two limiting beliefs. Once these limiting beliefs are shifted and replaced with new ones, sales becomes much more straightforward – and it becomes easy!

For instance, some people may believe:


  • “What I have to offer is not worth this much.”
  • “Nobody will want to pay my prices.”
  • “I don’t deserve to make this much money.”
  • “Money is evil.”


Do any of these sound even slightly familiar? Sometimes you don’t even realize when you have one of these beliefs! And yet, if you tend to freeze up when it comes time to talk about money, perhaps it’s worth looking a little closer at why.

Do you have any of the limiting beliefs listed above? Or do you (really) believe these instead?


  • “My target clients value what I have to offer!”
  • “I’m working with my target clients, and my price is worth it to them!”
  • “I deserve to make as much money as I want to!”
  • “Money can be (and is) used to change lives for the better!”


This is one of many of the things I discussed with Nea DallaValle in my latest podcast. A successful business owner, Nea talked about the sales skills and strategies that she used that made her a success. She talked about how the conversation about money can hold some people back, and how to overcome it!

Do you find yourself being afraid to talk about money?

Find out why and shift it – and sales will become easy again!

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